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Mt. Mitake


UpdateMarch 28, 2018
ReleaseMarch 28, 2018

Mt. Mitake is surrounded by magnificent nature. It is amazing that Mitake has such a great, full-scale hiking course even in Metropolitan Tokyo. Seasonal flowers and singing birds welcome visitors to Mitake. Musasabi, Japanese flying squirrels, are sometimes seen here. Mt. Mitake, which stands 929 meters above sea level, has long been worshiped as a spiritual mountain, and there are more than 20 shukubo (lodgings for pilgrims at temples) here today. It is recommended that you stay overnight at one of them, enjoying the heavenly stars and night views.
It is convenient to take the cable car when visiting Mt. Mitake. From JR Mitake Station, take a bus to the last stop (Cable-shita stop). Then transfer to the cable car (at Takimoto Station) to climb half way up the mountain. It is very convenient and fast (the ride lasts just 6 minutes) and it travels up the mountain at an average incline of 22 degrees. The higher you go up, the better and wider the scenery appears in front of you. When you get off the cable car at Mitakesan Station, you can take a single lift to the observatory. If you want to walk up ahead, go left and enter through the “torii” gate.
When you head for the direction of the mountaintop, why not drop in at Mitake Visitor Center and collect some information. You can obtain pamphlets describing hiking courses, as well as maps in English. Keep walking through the shukubo lodgings and shops to the top of the mountain. It is about 25 minutes on foot from Mitakesan Station to Musashi Mitake Shrine. Visit and pray to the god in the main building, which has a sacred atmosphere and commands a view of beautiful town scenes. Close to the main shrine building, the treasury museum displays various important items including red armor appointed as a national treasure, and more items designated as important cultural assets.
You can find Nanayo-no-Taki Waterfall and Rock Garden on the circular hiking course of Mt. Mitake. Since more than 100 species of wild birds live here, it is also known as a popular bird-watching site. If you walk west, you can go through to Okutama. However, the roads are very rough and rugged, so you will need special gear for mountaineering if you wish to continue walking.
From JR Ome Line Mitake Station: 10 min by bus to Takimoto Cable Car Station, then 6 min to Mitakesan Station by cable car.
Mitakesan, Ome-shi, Tokyo