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UpdateMarch 29, 2018
ReleaseMarch 29, 2018

In January 2014, East Japan Railway Company (JR East) started selling the N’EX TOKYO Direct Ticket (One-way), which are available only to foreign nationals visiting Japan. This one-way ticket is a great way to save on Ordinary Car reserved seats on the Narita Express (N’EX) from Narita Airport to the Tokyo metropolitan area. Together with Jill, a tourist from the UK, we tried and tested this system to see if it is really as convenient as advertised.
Arrival at Narita Airport
Jill arrived from the UK today. Her rst destination was Tokyo Station where she was supposed to meet her friend. Highway buses are one option to get to Tokyo Station from Narita Airport, but the railway is more reliable without making you worry about a traffic jam when you have an appointment for meeting someone. Especially, N’EX offers you direct access to major stations including Tokyo, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro
stations with no transfer.
Go to JR EAST Travel Service Center
We went to JR EAST Travel Service Center on the basement rst oor of the airport to inquire about N’EX TOKYO Direct Ticket (One-way) (We were at the center located in Terminal 1 today. But, there is also another one on the basement rst oor in Terminal 2 of the airport). Needless to say, the staers provide multilingual services here. A friendly sta member kindly showed Jill how to take the train and get to the meeting place in Tokyo Station.
Buy a Ticket!
It took about 1 hour to get to Tokyo Station. The fare was only 1,500 yen (for adult)! We found it was about the half of the regular adult fare for an Ordinary Car reserved seat. This amazing price is applied even to more distant destinations such as Yokohama. Jill did not hesitate to buy one. She just showed her passport to get a ticket. It was quick and easy!
Easy Access to the Train
Jill went to the platform on the basement second floor passing through an automatic ticket gate and using an escalator. When she was waiting for her train for a little while on the platform area indicated by the car number on her ticket, a train with a futuristic look came into the station.
Relaxing Moment on the Train
Jill checked her seat number before sitting. The seat was comfortable with a spacious seat pitch. Each car has a large luggage storage space with dial locks, which made us feel safe. Jill found it convenient that all seats were equipped with outlets: you can charge your phone and use your computer. The train took her to Tokyo Station in around 1 hour while she was comfortably relaxing herself.
Go from Tokyo Station and Discover Japan
Arriving at Tokyo Station, Jill visited JR East Travel Service Center at Marunouchi North Exit. In addition to the tourist information oce, this facility provides you with travel services and baggage services as well as currency exchange. At the travel services/pass exchange counter, you can exchange/purchase JR East’s passes, book a hotel room and find package tours. One of the staffers recommended Jill a discount over-night trip to Nikko, which she found quite exciting. She said, “Today, I will spend the time with my old friend, and probably I will go to Nikko the day after tomorrow.”
Jill found N’EX TOKYO Direct Ticket (One-way) was more useful than expected. Not only was the ticket very aordable, but also N’EX train’s
comfort and convenience were impressive. This ticket is a special one for travelers from overseas like us. Let’s explore Japan by making the best use of the convenient ticket and helpful tourist information oces!
For more information on the ticket -> http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/pass/nex_oneway.html