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UpdateMarch 29, 2018
ReleaseMarch 29, 2018

Yokohama’s Newspaper Museum
From Kannai Station in the Naka-ku district are quite a variety of museums. Places like the City of Yokohama Japanese Newspaper Museum tell the whole story of the port of Yokohama through historical facts. Fortunately most museums have the foreigner in mind and include explanations through English captions. The Newspaper Museum is seaward of and neighboring the Yokohama In the stadium area where the harbor meets the land is a cool shaded park stretching along the water, the Yamashita Koen Park. This park is much like the Minato-no-Mieru-Saka-Koen with its shade trees, spacious lawn, sitting areas and panoramic view of the bay, bridges and buildings surrounding it. Parked up close right there on the pier is the famous Hikawa-Maru, a luxury passenger ship from the 30’s inside which is a restaurant. Right behind you is the Marine Tower jutting high above the Naka-ku district’s buildings of old architecture. Take a 15 minute walk following the harbor-side or short taxi ride to the Akarenga Soko, or Redbrick Warehouse nearing Minato Mirai, and closest to Sakuragi-cho Station. You can see some marvelous early 1900’s architecture on the outside from the historic time of a bustling Yokohama port, while enjoying a variety of the best shopping and restaurants inside. There are two warehouses. Warehouse 1 concentrates on cultural entertainment for the public, while warehouse 2 will feature unique, fine restaurants and shopping.