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UpdateMarch 29, 2018
ReleaseMarch 29, 2018

Well Known for its early contact with western cultures, Yokohama is full of east-meets-west grounds, buildings, and stories. See the historical side of Yokohama.
A Historical Land where West meets East head on
Imagine a spacious place where the crisp ocean air rolls in off the East wind to kiss a seaside harbor of skyscrapers, parks, and buildings of antiquity; where Western culture leaked in long ago to interrupt the course of the indigenous Eastern way and lend itself to the creation of a different pace and style. A place with 1,000’s of vantage points to ease your mind on a nightscape scenery of city lights aglow like twinkling stars that mirror and sparkle off the rippling bay below. Such a place can be none other than Japan’s bay at Yokohama. An area spanning southward from Yokohama station, which covers the proceeding four train stations lies an area where you can find a variety of historical spots. Just one station south of Yokohama station on the Negishi line is Sakuragi-cho, the gateway to massive tower-like architecture and modern side of Yokohama where you can shop till you drop in a wide and spacious American style mall, ride the once world’s largest ferris-wheel, play all the arcade games and roam around in a refreshing spaciousness that goes against the grain of Japan’s small and narrow entirety. More interesting perhaps is the area of Yokohama that is blanketed with a feeling of antiquity. It dots the city and is ever present in the area’s every corner through fascinating establishments from days of old, and interesting historical grounds. If you take to your venturous side you can discover this unique world full of Yokohama’s highly admirable antique architectural ‘ruins’ from a time that has never sunk into ruin; a time that is very much still here and now.
Take a slow stroll down Motomachi
In Motomachi, you can feel what it is like to be o-share (meaning fashionable). Take a stroll down its main street or any of its side streets. The general theme here is that of style and class distinctly Yokohama. Many of the shops here can be found nowhere else in the world. The sweet smell of bread shops, and cafes, fresh baked goods hang in the air. Take the Negishi line 3 stops from Yokohama Station to Ishikawa-cho Station. It is located less than 5 minutes walk from there.
A Famous Cemetery Full of History
Right around the corner from the end of Motomachi’s main street is the Gaikokujin Bochi (Foreigner’s Cemetery). Although you probably wouldn’t think it, with the Japanese being one of the world’s most major sightseers, plus the fact that this cemetery has famous historical foreigners at rest, this cemetery always draws a crowd of sightseers. Indeed, while it may seem a bit morbid to some, there are some impressive artistically appreciative, intricately carved gravestones.