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Kogan-ji Temple (Togenuki Jizoson)


UpdateMarch 6, 2018
ReleaseMarch 6, 2018

Kogan-ji Temple is known as Togenuki Jizoson. This temple first opened in 1596 in the Yushima, neighborhood of Ueno, Tokyo. It finally settled in its present location in Sugamo in 1891. The principle Buddhist image of the temple is “Enmei Ksitigarbha,” who is said to miraculously cure diseases and lengthen life. The original story of “Togenuki” or “thorn removal” comes from the story that a long time ago, a housemaid from the Mori family mistakenly swallowed a needle, but when she ate a piece of paper with the image of the deity Jizo on it, she was successfully able to spit out the needle. Now, people still come to visit the temple for such a piece paper which they can put on any painful part of their body, or even eat. The statue standing in front of the main building is “Arai Kannon” or “washing deity.” It is said that if you pour water on and polish with a cloth the same part of the Arai Kannon statue as the part of your body which ails you, your illness will go away.
From JR/Subway Sugamo Station: 10 min on foot
3-35-2 Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo