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Tokyo Midtown Illumination “MIDTOWN CHRISTMAS 2018”


UpdateNovember 16, 2018
ReleaseNovember 16, 2018

From November 13 (Tue) to December 25 (Tue), Tokyo Midtown is holding Christmas illumination event.
Actress Ryoko Shinohara and actor Hidetoshi Nishijima attended the lighting ceremony on November 13.
The Starlight Garden 2018 colors the expansive Grass Square. The LEDs filling the wide Grass Square are further enhanced by a magnificent solid illumination on the theme of “space” using about 100 glowing balloons appearing for the first time.
This year also features a Soap Bubble Illumination, a special program lasting for a limited time up to December 16. Each day about 450,000 soap bubbles and mist will float through the night’s sky, creating wonderful space that changes its appearance each time you see it!
Right in the heart of Tokyo, we have waiting for you scenes and sights of fabulous wonders created with countless number of lights. Enjoy to the fullest our last special gift to you for the year 2018.
Event Information:
[Period] Nov 13 (Tue) – Dec 25 (Tue), 2018
[Time] 17:00 – 23:00
※Cancelled in case of the bad weather.
[Location] Tokyo Midtown
※Soap Bubble Illumination
[Period] Nov 13 (Tue) – Dec 16 (Sun), 2018 limited
Once every 12 minutes performance from the top of every hour.
*The information herein is as of November 2018




[Date] 17:00 - 23:00 Nov 13 - Dec 25, 2018

[Venue] Tokyo Midtown