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“ENGLISH×Japanese Sake”–Introducing the Charm of Japanese Sake to Foreigners


UpdateApril 2, 2019
ReleaseApril 2, 2019

On February 28 (Thur), 2019,“ENGLISH×Japanese Sake Lesson” was held in Royal Garden Café AOYAMA of Meijijingu Gaien, Tokyo. Attendees learned about “Japanese Sake” in English.
ENGLISH×Japanese Sake The lesson was designed to enable Japanese people to introduce the virtues of Japanese sake to foreigners and discuss it with them. Attendees acquired basic knowledge of Japanese Sake and learned how to explain its flavors and scents, and the best ways of drinking it.
ENGLISH×Japanese Sake Kirsty Orreill from Australia was our instructor.
ENGLISH×Japanese Sake After she introduced some basic knowledge of Japanese Sake in English, she tasted, with the participants, four types of Japanese sake placed on each table and taught them how to explain the difference of their flavors and scents.
ENGLISH×Japanese Sake In a relaxing café atmosphere, it was a casual study meeting where participants were free to enjoy Japanese sake, discuss it in English and ask Ms. Kirsty questions whenever they wanted to.
ENGLISH×Japanese Sake ENGLISH×Japanese Sake Among the thirty participants were English-language tour guides and people who interact with foreigners in their work; people with different backgrounds gathered. All took part in this lesson wanting to put across more “things Japanese” to foreigners in English.
ENGLISH×Japanese Sake Many participants seemed to be well satisfied with the lesson taught by an English-native speaker. We heard many comments like“It was more interesting than I expected.”“I made sure to take notes,” and “One hour went by so quickly.”
ENGLISH×Japanese Sake ENGLISH×Japanese Sake From February 29 (Thu) to March 3 (Sun), 2019, the host, the Institute for International Business Communication (IIBC) held various practical lessons besides than the Japanese Sake Lesson. Participants enjoyed learning English in scenes such as taking pictures with smartphones, guiding around Tokyo, and having a business dinner.
According to Mr. Omura, the managing director of IIBC, IIBC held this“IIBC ENGLISH CAFÉ” so that people can enjoy acquiring practical English at this opportunity when hospitality towards foreign tourists is garnering much attention ahead of the approaching 2020 Tokyo Olympics. We would like to hold more such events all over Japan, including Tokyo.
ENGLISH×Japanese Sake Mr. Omura, the managing director of IIBC
*The information herein is as of March 2019.