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The world’s top rider rides the Sea of Japan! PWA Windsurfing World Cup Yokosuka Miura Japan will be held!


ReleaseApril 12, 2019

Windsurfing has evolved through time by combining surfing and yachting, a particularly popular water sports in Europe. It is getting popular in Japan with its ability to cut through the wind and gliding on the water with an exhilarating feeling, which can be enjoyed regardless of any age. Yokosuka City and Miura City on the Miura Peninsula, only an hour by train from Tokyo, is a popular spot for water sports, especially windsurfing.
The “PWA Windsurfing World Cup” will be held this year at Miura Peninsula from May 10-15, 2019. A world tour going around 10 countries from Europe each year, you can watch the heated race where the world’s top professional competes for the best in the world.
That is not all, there are also food stands where you can taste the local products such as “Yokosuka Navy Curry,” specialties from the Miura Peninsula and the gourmets around the world.
See with your own eyes the speed and powerful movement of the world’s top riders in Tsukuihama Beach, Yokosuka City.
Please see the website for more information.
PWA Windsurfing World Cup
*The information herein is as of April 2019.