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UpdateFebruary 20, 2018
ReleaseFebruary 20, 2018

Moerenuma Park
Once inside the park, you will feel like stepping into a sculpture world. There are restaurants and souvenir shops in the “Glass Pyramid,” the park’s symbol. In summer, a small beach is installed to provide a recreation space for residents in the community.
Sapporo Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill
The rolling hills provide the view of sheep quietly grazing in the grass with the downtown Sapporo in the background. The splendid lavender field in bloom is a sight to see in summer. This site is also known for the statue of Dr. Clark, who is considered as the pioneering father of Hokkaido and left his parting words “Boys be ambitious!”
The outskirt of Sapporo has nature in abundance and provides a variety of activities in the mountains as well as in the rivers. Horse trekking, fruits picking, horse-riding experience programs where you can ride in the forest and plain, visiting orchards to enjoy various fruits. Rafting in the Toyohira River in Jozankei Valley is also highly recommended. You can experience a strong torrent from April to June when the water level increases due to melting snow and a mellow rubber rafting in the clean water in summer.
Best eats in summer
“Jingisukan” is Hokkaido’s trademark dish which consists of lamb and vegetables grilled in a convex iron skillet, served with sweet and savory sauce. There are many Jingisukan restaurants in the city. “Susukino” is the largest nightlife district in Sapporo with a great number of restaurants and izakaya (Japanese style pubs) where you can enjoy all kinds of foods such as Japanese, Chinese and Western styles.