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Tokachigawa Onsen


UpdateFebruary 25, 2018
ReleaseFebruary 25, 2018

Tokachigawa Onsen is located in Otofuke Town in the center of Tokachi Plain, about 20 minutes by bus from Obihiro, a hub city in eastern Hokkaido. This hot springs was developed in 1900. Now, ryokan and hotels line the banks of the Tokachi River and make a nice hot spring town.
It is known as a moor hot spring resort that contains plant-derived organic substances. Millions of years ago, Tokachi Plain was a large bay and surrounded by moors that accumulated peat soil deep in the ground. The peat turned to lignite underground and is an element of the groundwater gushing out around Tokachigawa Onsen. The water is gentle to the skin and has a higher content of natural moisturizing ingredients compared with ordinary hot springs. In 2004, Tokachigawa Onsen (moor hot springs) was selected as a Hokkaido Isan site, which is a valuable heritage list in Hokkaido chosen by the Hokkaido Isan Kyogikai (Hokkaido Heritage Committee).
You can enjoy majestic views and a variety of outdoor activities around the town. Hot-air ballooning in the early morning, Tokachi River nature tours, salmon watching tours, canoeing tours, mountain bike tours, snow rafting tours, eagle watching cruising, snow mobile riding, and other activities are available at Tokachi Nature Center throughout the year. A lot of swans fly to and along the Tokachi River from early December to mid-March every year.
Tokyo (Haneda Airport) -> 1 h 35 minby plane -> Tokachi Obihiro Airport-> 40 min -> Tokachigawa Onsen
Otofuke-cho, Katou-gun, Hokkaido