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UpdateFebruary 26, 2018
ReleaseFebruary 26, 2018

Recommended Sightseeing Routes
Day 1 (1) National Treasure and World Heritage Site, Himeji Castle (about 2 hours)
Himeji City is the second largest city (population 530,000) in Hyogo Prefecture following Kobe City. The Shinkansen bullet train stops in the city, making it easily accessible from other major cities. Among various places to visit in the city, Himeji Castle, which has a 400-year history since its foundation, is highly acclaimed as one of the rare Japanese castles retaining its original shape. The elegant appearance of the castle covered with white stucco looks like a white egret about to take flight, earning it the sobriquet “Hakuro-jo” (Egret Castle) and presents a beautiful sight. A total of eight tenshu keeps and watariyagura corridors are designated National Treasures, a total of 74 yagura towers and gates are designated as National Important Cultural Properties, and the whole castle is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Must-see spots inside the castle
Inside the castle, you will see various tricks for preventing enemies from entering the main tower, such as branching alleys and sturdy gates with iron doors, in the maze-like arrangement.
(1) Hishinomon (East gate)
The largest gate in the castle.
(2) Nishinomaru-yagura towers, Hyakken-roka corridor, Kesho-yagura tower
The place where Princess Sen used to live. The corridor stretches about 240 meters!
(3) Daitenshu (Main keep)
With six stories and one underground floor, the main keep offers a panoramic view of the city from the top floor. Enjoy the beautiful architecture maintained in the original form since construction.
(4) Bizen-maru enclosure
You can take a photo with Daitenshu in the background.
(5) Okiku-ido (Okiku’s well)
Himeji Castle
Entrance fee Adult: 1,000 yen, Child: 300 yen (elementary school to high school) *1
Hours 9:00 – 16:00 (the gate is closed at 17:00) *2
Closed December 29 and 30
Access about 15 min on foot or 4 min by Loop Bus (to Himeji-jo Otemon-mae Stop) from Himeji Sta.
*1 A ticket for Himeji Castle and Koko-en Gardens is 1,040 yen for adults.
*2 The hours are extended by 1 hour during summertime
Day 1 (2) Koko-en Gardens (about 1 hour)
Koko-en Gardens include nine different types and sizes of gardens, offering beautiful views of seasonal Japanese gardens all year around. It is also well known as a location for historical dramas and movies.
Tea ceremony session at teahouse “Shojuan” (500 yen per session, with Japanese sweets)
Koko-en Gardens
Entrance fee Adult: 300 yen, Child: 150 yen (elementary school to high school)
Hours 9:00 – 16:30 (the gate is closed at 17:00) *2
Closed December 29 and 30
Access about 15 min on foot or 4 min by Loop Bus (to Himeji-jo Otemon-mae Stop) from Himeji Sta.
*2 The hours are extended by 1 hour during summertime
Day 1 (3) Lunch (Himeji gourmet dining)
Located in Hyogo Prefecture, the only prefecture to enjoy the triple blessings of the Sea of Japan, the Seto Inland Sea, and Pacific Ocean in Japan, Himeji City has developed as a land rich in food culture since ancient times. Enjoy Himeji fine eating with fresh harvests from the ocean, mountains, and land.
Located in Koko-en Gardens. You can enjoy a meal while viewing the gardens from the mansion. You have to pay the entrance fee for the gardens to get to the restaurant.
The local specialty gourmet dishes, such as Himeji oden, grilled conger, and fresh seafood, are available in a tranquil atmosphere in the Japanese-style building.
Kaiten-sushi Rikimaru
Located in front of Himeji Station, the traditional kaiten-sushi (conveyor-belt sushi) restaurant in business for 35 years offers various kinds of sushi with fresh seafood from the Seto Inland Sea, made by professional sushi chefs for very reasonable prices.
Ekisoba, one of the Himeji specialties, has been enjoyed by local people of the city for 66 years at this location. The combination of the Chinese-style noodles and Japanese-style soup is unique and delicious!
Beefsteak Kawamura
Experienced chefs cook high-class local beef, such as Kobe Beef and Tajima Beef, in front of diners. There is nothing better than savoring the world’s highest quality beef in a luxurious atmosphere!
Steak Senju
A traditional restaurant in a renovated old Japanese-style mansion serves top-quality steaks. Savoring Japanese black beef grilled on a cast-iron hotplate in front of you by a chef is highly recommended!
Sen-hime Chaya
Located closest to Himeji Castle, this udon restaurant offers “shirasu-don” (whitebait on rice) and various other Himeji specialties. The view of Himeji Castle from the top of the building (Egret Himeji) is awesome!
Kitty Café
A lovely café offers a variety of sweets and snacks with motifs of Hello Kitty.
Day 1 (4) Shoshazan Engyo-ji Temple (2 – 3 hours)
With a 1,000-year history, the temple encompasses important cultural properties scattered in the mountain area. It offers several popular participatory sessions, including “shakyo” (sutra copying), “zazen” (meditation), and “one-day shugyo” (training). It has an accommodation facility and a restaurant, where you can enjoy shojin-ryori (vegetarian cuisine). The temple is also famous as a location where movies and dramas have been shot, including The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise.
(1) Discount ticket set
Bus round-trip tickets + ropeway round-trip tickets: 1,300 yen for adult (including junior high school students), 650 yen for child *3*4
*3: Available at Bus Information Desk on the 1st floor at QWELL in front of Himeji Station.
*4: Not available on board.
(2) 30 minutes from “Himeji-jo Otemon-mae” bus stop on Shinki bus bound for Shoshazan Ropeway (get off at the terminal) *5
*5 Entrance fee 500 yen is required to enter the temple grounds.
About 4 minutes on the ropeway. A great view from the mountaintop at an altitude of 371 meters!
Perfect place for spring with fresh green leaves and autumn with red and yellow leaves!
Zazen session
(5) Shiota Onsen, Yumenoi (accommodation)
Called “okuzashiki” of Himeji, which means a quiet hot spring resort although located near a big city, Shiota Onsen has a long history, where it is said that people who sought a cure from the Onsen water came from all over Japan in the Edo period. Located in the countryside, it offers a relaxing environment and attracts people who want to escape from the bustling city with a short trip.
40 min from Ekimae Bus Terminal #17 to Shiota or Yumenoi bus stop on a bus bound for Maenosho
about 10 min by taxi
Popular spots around Shosha
Taiyo Park
You can see replicas of famous structures, statues, and ruins from all over the world. It is a must-see spot that makes you feel as if you are traveling all around the world in one day! Right now, you can also enjoy a special exhibition “Trick 3D Art Museum.”
Yamasa Kamaboko, Yumesenkan
A traditional kamaboko (minced and steamed fish) maker offers a place for people to view the manufacturing processes, purchase kamaboko products, and experience kamaboko-making from minced fish in hands-on classes.
Day 2 (1) Himeji Station area
The view with Himeji Castle from the viewing deck in front of the station looks like a photo in a frame. It is a recommended photo spot.
Day 2 (2) Himeji Central Park
A leisure facility with an amusement park and a safari park has a drive-through safari part and a walking safari part, with about 1,000 animals of 120 kinds, and 35 kinds of attractions in the amusement park. You can enjoy throughout the year, with a swimming pool in summer and an ice skating rink in winter.
(1) A discount ticket set
Bus round-trip tickets + Park entrance fee (safari and amusement park) + Safari-bus fare in the park: 4,400 yen for adult (including junior high school students), 2,850 yen for child *3, *4
(2) 25 min by Shinki bus bound for Himeji Central Park (get off at the terminal)
Day 2 (3) Shopping
piole Himeji
A shopping mall directly connected with Himeji Station consists of four sections, including the Honkan main building, Young-kan building, Omiyage-kan building, and Gochiso-kan building, which are home to about 200 tenants. A variety of products are available, including not only fashion items but also interior products, gourmet food products, and health and beauty products. You can purchase Himeji leather crafts and Himeji specialty confections and enjoy local gourmet dishes. From the rooftop, you can view Himeji Castle and Shinkansen bullet trains, as well as exterior wall illuminations in the evening. About 30 shops and stores offer tax-free shopping.
Sanyo Department Store
This department store has a wide selection of products, including clothing, food, and health and beauty items. The basement food floor is famous for selling famous Japanese sweets and Western-style confectioneries from the Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe area.
Shotengai shopping streets
Around Himeji Station and Himeji Castle, there are more than 10 shopping streets, called shotengai, connected to each other and stretching in all directions, including Himeji Miyuki Shotengai, Nishi-nikaimachi Shotengai, and Omizosuji Shotangai. They are the perfect place for enjoying the castle town, for example, by snacking on Himeji food specialties food on a walk, looking for souvenirs, and visiting retro shops.
Yamato Yashiki (department store)
The department store closest to Himeji Castle offers a wide range of items that can only be found in Himeji.
For more details, please check the tourist guidebook available at Himeji-city Tourist Information Center or visit http://www.himeji-kanko.jp/.