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Goryokaku Park


UpdateMarch 4, 2018
ReleaseMarch 4, 2018

Taking the tram to Goryokaku Koen-mae Station and an eight-minute walk from the station, you will find Goryokaku Park and Goryokaku Tower, the landmark of the park. This 107-meter tower is a new tower built in 2006. A star-shaped structure can be seen from the tower and this is Goryokaku Fortress, the first Western-style fortress in Japan. It was constructed over seven years from 1857 and the “Battle of Hakodate” (1868-1869), the last domestic confrontation between the new Meiji government forces and their Tokugawa government counterparts (The Boshin War), took place there. (There was in fact no blood spilled.) The Goryokaku Branch of Hakodate City Museum, Hakodate Museum of Art, Hokkaido, Hakodate City Hokuyo Shiryokan (Northern Pacific Museum), venerable department store Marui-Imai? are adjacent, which creates a different atmosphere from that of Motomachi and Bay Area. In spring, blossoms of 1,600 cherry trees and Japanese wisteria bloom in the park, in summer the trees are full and green, and in winter the park is illuminated at night, so people can enjoy coming here throughout the year.
From JR Hakodate Station: take bus, from Goryokaku Koen-mae stop: 15 min on foot
43-9 Goryokaku-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido