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Aquamarine Fukushima


UpdateMarch 4, 2018
ReleaseMarch 4, 2018

“Recently new aquariums have been built all over Japan and attract many visitors. Aquamarine Fukushima does not present any shows like other aquariums. The idea behind Aquamarine Fukushima is to precisely reproduce the natural aquatic environment. The aquarium’s building is all covered by glasses and has a unique design. The theme of the aquarium is “”The Sea of Current Crossing Points,”” as the Black current and Oyashio current cross in the Pacific Ocean offshore from Fukushima. Aquamarine Fukushima is the only aquarium with a species of fish named saury, live on display in the world. The biology of saury is still relatively unknown and capturing saury alive without harm is very difficult. After much effort and study, Aquamarine Fukushima is the first and only aquarium in the world to have a successful breeding program. Living seaweed and sea plants are on display, such rare presentations hold high educational value for visitors.
Note: A survey team of the Aquamarine Fukushima succeeded filming a living coelacanth off Indonesia on May 30th, 2006. It was the only the second time in the world the species has been filmed alive and a Japan-first to successfully film a live coelacanth.”
15 min by bus from JR Izumi Sta.
50, Tatsumi cho, Onahama, Iwaki city, Fukushima