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UpdateMarch 21, 2018
ReleaseMarch 21, 2018

Hitoyoshi is located in the southernmost part of Kumamoto Prefecture, along the Kuma River. From the Kamakura era (1192-1333) Lord Sagara and his descendants maintained the town’s independence for 700 years, despite the continuing threat of the Satsuma domain (now Kagoshima Prefecture) to the south. A unique ethos and culture can be seen here and this town is called . Touring the local breweries and soaking in the onsens is recommended.
+ Kuma River Cruising
Kuma River is one of three rapid streams in Japan. Boats run 19 km in two and a half hours, passing many oddly shaped rocks.
+ Kuma Jochu
Kuma Jochu liquor is made from delicious Hitoyoshi rice and clear water from the Kuma River. Visitors can see the production process at the Mine-no-Tsuyu brewery. (Tours require advanced bookings.)