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UpdateMarch 21, 2018
ReleaseMarch 21, 2018

Kumamoto City, with a population of 730,000, is the main city in the central region of Kyushu. There are many tourist attractions, including the magnificent Kumamoto Castle, which is one of the Three Great Castles of Japan, Suizenji Park, Mount Aso, the largest active volcano in Japan with one of the largest calderas in the world, and many hot springs.
Kumamoto is famous for unique local dishes, and its specialty is horse meat dishes. Other unique dishes are karashi renkon (deep fried lotus root covered with mustard paste), Kumamoto-born taipien, which is Chinese soup with harusame (thin noodles made from mung bean starch and water), and Kumamoto ramen with thick white tonkotsu soup and garlic. Take your time to enjoy the tastes of Kumamoto.