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UpdateMarch 23, 2018
ReleaseMarch 23, 2018

Kinosaki Yukata Charter
1. Clothes other than yukata, or light cotton
kimono, are not formal wear in Kinosaki.
Yukata and other traditional wear are considered formal dress in Kinosaki. Before going to public bathhouses and strolling
around the town, change into yukata!
1. Learn the old and find something new through yukata.
When you wear yukata, you will notice some new aspect and appealing point of yourself. Those who are familiar to you
also look finer!
1.Nurture a rich spirit, dressed in yukata
Yukata wearing makes you more sensitive to human kindness as well as to nature’s beauty. Not only will you look nice,
but also your spirit will be enriched.
Kinosaki Onsen Yukata Village
Kinosaki, a small, elegant town, is a
great place to walk around in
yukata, enjoying cherry blossoms
in spring, green willows, fireflies and
fireworks in summer, red and yellow
leaves in autumn, and snow scenery in
winter. Kinosaki Onsen was awarded two
stars in the “Michelin Green Guide Japon
(French version)” published in February
2013, and also is introduced as “Best Onsen
Town” in the English-language guidebook
“Lonely Planet.”
Yunosato-dori is a bustling street with
many tourists, lined with wooden ryokan
inns and souvenir shops. Off this main street,
Kiyamachi-dori is a quiet promenade and Kitayanagi-dori is a picturesque street with
lovely willow trees. At most inns in Japan,
guests are allowed to wear the ryokan’s
yukata only inside the inn because such
yukata are consider ed to be a kind of
nightclothes. But in Kinosaki Onsen, it is
different. With the hot spring town being
seen as one large ryokan, walking around
the town in yukata is a natural thing, one of
the things that makes Kinosaki so relaxing
and enjoyable. You can wear original,
relatively simple yukata of the inn where
you stay, and, in addition, some inns prepare
colorful, fashionable yukata for your choice.
Change into yukata, and enjoy strolling in
the town with the sound of geta clogs!