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UpdateMarch 23, 2018
ReleaseMarch 23, 2018

Kinosaki, a Town of Onsen and Yukata
Kinosaki, a small, elegant town, is a great place to walk around in yukata, or light cotton kimono, enjoying cherry blossoms in spring, green willows, fireflies and fireworks in summer, red and yellow leaves in autumn, and snow scenery in winter. Enjoy visiting sotoyu, or public bath facilities outside ryokan, and strolling in the town with the clip-clop sound of geta (wooden clogs)!
There is a traditional “culture of yukata” in Kinosaki. At most inns in Japan, guests are supposed to wear the ryokan’s yukata only inside the inn because such yukata are considered to be a kind of nightclothes. But in Kinosaki Onsen, it is different. With the hot spring town being seen as one large ryokan, in which the station is an “entrance,” streets are “corridors,” and each ryokan is a “room,” walking around the town in yukata is a natural thing, one of the things that makes Kinosaki so relaxing and enjoyable. Enjoy touring spas and strolling in the town in yukata!
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