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Gifu / Nagara River


UpdateMarch 27, 2018
ReleaseMarch 27, 2018

att.JAPAN Issue 61, Autumn/2012
The Nagara River is famous for ukai (cormorant fishing) in summer and Mount Kinka is the site of Gifu Castle. A ropeway takes you to the top of Mount Kinka with a great view from the castle at 329 meters on the summit. One of the most famous warlords in the 16th century,Oda Nobunaga,lived in Gifu Castle,which eventually became the center base for his unification of Japan. Enjoy the same view that the great commander enjoyed. Gifu Daibutsu (Great Buddha) in Shoho-ji Temple is one of Japan’s three major Great Buddha statues,along with the one in Nara (Nara Prefecture) and in Kamakura (Kanagawa Prefecture). The statue was created using a unique combination of wood, bamboo,and clay covered in Japanese paper, lacquer,and gold leaf and still beautiful to this day.
The tradition of ukai,cormorant fishing,in the Nagara River is 1,300 years old.Fishermen work together with their trained cormorants to catch fish using torches in the pitch-black darkness. Ride on a tour boat and enjoy watching the skills of the birds and their trainers fishing. The Ukai Museum opened in August 2012. To the west of the boarding docks of the ukai tourist boat is Kawara-machi, a pleasant place for a stroll with its many old houses with traditional lattice doors.
To The Ukai Museum
From JR Gifu Station / Meitetsu Gifu Station: about 15 min to Ukai-ya bus stop by local loop line, and 6 min on foot from the stop to the musuem
The Ukai Museum: 51-2 Nagara, Gifu-shi, Gifu Prefecture