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Eihei-ji Temple


UpdateMarch 27, 2018
ReleaseMarch 27, 2018

Eihei-ji Temple is the head temple of the Buddhist Soto sect and has 15,000 branch temples all over the country. Zen priest Dogen established Eiehi-ji in 1244. Large and small buildings stand in the about 330,000 square meter precincts, surrounded by 700-year-old sugi cedar trees. Even now, more than 100 people seek to enter the temple for training every year and those accepted are engaged in hard training. Zen teaches that the Buddhist law is revealed in the everyday manners of a person. Thus, all activities including eating, cleaning, bathing and face-washing are important in addition to the practice of zazen. Especially, cleaning is a very important training because it purifies one both externally and internally from both physical and spiritual dust. Ascetic monks clean the floors of each building with a damp rag with their bare hands and feet. You can personally experience the practice of zazen (reservations are required). In front of the temple, there are ryokan, restaurants which serve shojin vegetable cuisine and Eihei-ji soba, shops selling sesame tofu, and souvenir shops
30 min by bus from JR Fukui Sta,
“Fukui-ken, Yoshida-gun, Eiheiji-chō, Shihi, 5-15”