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Otaru Yuki Akari no Michi


UpdateMarch 28, 2018
ReleaseMarch 28, 2018

A rather quiet event, the 2005 version of the Otaru Yukiakari no Michi festival will be held in Otaru City from February 11th to 20th.
Handmade snow and ice candles produced locally by Otaru citizens using the cold climate to their advantage are put out and lit on the city streets. Approximately 400 further candles are also floated on the surface of the canals and are put in glass floats for use in fishing. Compared to the dynamic Sapporo Snow Festival this event is somewhat calm and poetic – an interesting way to spend an evening in the old fashioned and romantic streets of Otaru.
We will highlight some of the best places for you to visit in these areas.
0 min on foot from JR Otaru Sta.
1-9-5, Ironai, Otaru city, Hokkaido
北海道小樽市色内1丁目9番5号 市立小樽文学館