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UpdateMarch 29, 2018
ReleaseMarch 29, 2018

The most highly recommended sightseeing spot in the northern part of the prefecture is Fukuroda Falls. The water, resembling a beautiful curtain, cascades down four tiers. Standing close, you can feel the refreshing spray. The four seasonal views of the waterfall are delightful; in autumn, the contrast of the scarlet leaves with the water is very beautiful and, in winter, the ice formations are mysterious.
The suspension bridge Ryujin Otsuribashi, in Hitachinaka City, is the longest pedestrian bridge on the main island in Japan. the view of the gorge from the bridge 100 meters high above the water is breathtaking.
The National Seaside Park in Hitachinaka City is about 153 hectares with many flower gardens and adventurous playgrounds. The nemophila flowers (baby blue eyes) are at their best from mid-April through mid-May. The hills are covered in blue flowers, creating an air of fantasy. And the native Hawaiian kokia flowers are beautiful in autumn.
Nakaminato Fish Market, adjacent to the Nakaminato Fishing Port, has many big fish markets and seafood restaurants. This port is among the biggest bases for coastal and pelagic fishery so the market has a wide variety of fresh fish. Try the sushi and seafood bowls there.