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City of Tsukuba


UpdateMarch 29, 2018
ReleaseMarch 29, 2018

Tsukuba Expo Center
This science museum with its landmark H-IIrocket has a planetarium with a 25.6-meter diameter dome, one of the biggest in the world.
* Discounts are available for those with a “Tsukubasan Kippu,” a free pass covering train, bus, and cable car rides (100 yen and 50 yen off entrance fees for adults and children, respectively).
Tsukuba Botanical Garden
This facility has more than 7,000 kinds ofplants from all over the world as well as 3,000 kinds of
local plants from Mount Tsukuba for visitors to
JAXA Tsukuba Space Center
The capital of Japan’s space development has exhibitions introducing JAXA’s activities and the
current space development.
Science Square Tsukuba
You can learn about cutting-edge scientific research development at this museum as well as play with the popular robots, such as the baby
seal-shaped therapeutic robot “Paro” and the mini-humanoid robot “Choromet.”
Geological Museum
Learn about the history of the earth and the mechanisms of volcano eruptions and earthquakes.
A variety of rocks, stones, and fossils are displayed.
Doho Park
Enjoy beautiful roses and cherry blossoms in spring and bright yellow gingko leaves in autumn.
A few minutes on foot from Tsukuba Station.
Azuma Tsukuba city Ibaraki
〒305-0031 茨城県つくば市吾妻2-9