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Power Spots in Mount Nantai & Mount Nyotai


UpdateMarch 29, 2018
ReleaseMarch 29, 2018

Power spots on Mount Nantai
Oishi-kasane (Piled-up stones)
It is said that your wishes will come true if negai-ishi (a small stone prayed over at Tsukubasan Shrine) are
placed at this spot about 750 meters above sea level.
Risshin-seki (Rock for success)
This sacred rock near Mount Nantai is famous
as the place where the explorer Rinzo Mamiya
(1780–1844) prayed for future success when he was a boy. It is recommended for those who want
to make academic achievements and be successful in life.
Power Spots in Mount Nyotai
The huge, 40-meter tall Japanese cedar tree standing by the headstream of Minano River is
presumed to be around 800 years old.
Gama-ishi (Japanese toad-shaped rock)
The name of this rock came from Hyosuke Nagai,a street performer here in the Edo Period (1603-1867) who had a famous sales pitch for gamano-abura (oil of Japanese toad). It is believed that if you can successfully throw a rock into the mouth of the toad-shaped rock, your wish will come true and you will receive fortune.
Sekirei-ishi (Wagtail rock)
According to the legend, a wagtail landed on this rock and explained what it is like for a man and a woman to be in love. Naturally, this has
become a power spot for romance.