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Nagato Yumoto Onsen: A traditional hot spring town that is being renovated for the future


UpdateOctober 10, 2018
ReleaseOctober 10, 2018

Nagato Yumoto Onsen is located in Nagato City in Yamaguchi Prefecture, the westernmost point of Honshu (the main island of Japan). It is the oldest hot spring in Yamaguchi Prefecture with a history of 600 years. According to a legend, the hot spring was discovered by a priest from Tainei-ji Temple in this area, who was guided by a divine revelation.
The water quality is alkaline and very soft. It is especially good for the skin and often called “the hot spring water for beautiful skin.” It is not so hot but warms the core of the body, so you won’t get cold even in winter after taking a bath.
The best part about visiting an onsen town is not only enjoying the hot springs but also touring the town on foot. Taking a walk beside the Otozure River that flows through the town is a perfect way to relax. This area is currently in the middle of a renovation and you can enjoy a pleasant moment at a stylish café that was originally an old Japanese-style house. Various kinds of events and workshops are held where you can taste local foods and communicate with local people.
Two public bathhouses long popular among locals are also under re-construction to welcome more visitors, and also internationally famous hotel brand “Hoshino Resort KAI” is scheduled to open in 2020. With these, Nagato Yumoto Onsen is sure to attract even more attention from near and far.
You can experience Zen sitting meditation at Tainei-ji Temple, which is said to be the birthplace of Nagato Yumoto Onsen, according to legend.
You can enjoy outdoor activities around the Otozure River, which has a clear water.
The café using the renovated Japanese house. At its terrace, have coffee served in a Hagi-ware cup, which is made in Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture, while listening to murmur of the river.
Wander off to Motonosumi Inari-jinja Shrine. A succession of red torii guides you to the sea. Such a stunning view!
Tokyo Sta. → 5 hr by Shinkansen → Shin-Yamaguchi Sta. → 10 min by Shinkansen (kodama) → Asa Sta. → 1 hr by train on the JR Mine Line → Nagato Yumoto Sta.
Tokyo Sta. → 5 hr by Shinkansen → Shin-Yamaguchi Sta. → 90 min by bus → Nagato Yumoto Sta.
Nagato Yumoto Onsen Ryokan Kyodoi
Nagato Yumoto Onsen Ryokan Kyodo Kumiai
From the editor
There are various types of accommodation facilities, including a venerable ryokan where world renowned VIPs have stayed. Some facilities don’t require a sleepover so you can enjoy the hot spring on your day trip.
*The information herein is as of October 2018.