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“Hina Dolls” displayed on the 118 steps in Izu-Inatori


UpdateMarch 5, 2019
ReleaseMarch 5, 2019

The Hinadan-kazari (hina dolls displayed on the steps) Festival takes place at Susanoo-jinja Shrine in Izu-Inatori Onsen from February 20 (Wed) through March 10 (Sun), 2019. Among various events held during the “Hina no Tsurushi Kazari Matsuri” festival from January 20 through March 31, 2019, this is the most featured event.
Hina Dolls Izu-Inatori
The hina dolls displayed on the 118 steep steps leading up to Susanoo-jinja Shrine look just like a wall of dolls and it is a spectacular sight. Why not take a picture of the torii (an entrance gate) and the hina dolls?
Hina Dolls Izu-Inatori
Izu Inatori Onsen is said to be the birthplace of Hina no Tsurushi Kazari (hanging hina-doll decoration) and home to one of the major places famous for tsurushi kazari in Japan, along with Yanagawa City’s “Sagemon” festival in Fukuoka Prefecture and Sakata City’s “Kasafuku” festival in Yamagata Prefecture. Izu Inatori’s Hina no Tsurushi Kazari originally started in the Edo period, when mothers and grandmothers decorated the hinadan (tiered stand where hina dolls are displayed) on both sides with handmade “Tsurushi-Kazari” (hanging doll decorations) to wish for the health and wellbeing of girl children.
In addition to the main venue of “Susanoo-jinja Shrine Hina-dan Kazari,” “Mishima-jinja Shrine Hina-dan Kazari (34 steps)” is also held (February 20 through March 3, 2019), and you can enjoy hanging hina dolls at “Hina-no-Yakata” in Inatori Bunka Park and at “Mukai-An,” too.
Hina Dolls Izu-InatoriMishima-jinja Shrine Hina-dan Kazari
Hina Dolls Izu-Inatori“Hina-no-Yakata” in Inatori Bunka Park
General Information of “Susanoo-jinja Shrine Hina-dan Kazari”
Period: February 20 (Wed) – March 10 (Sun) 2019
Venue: Susanoo-jinja Shrine
Address: 15 Inatori, Higashi Izu-cho, Kamo County, Shizuoka
Open Hours: 10:30 – 15:00 (closed if it rains)
*The information herein is as of February 2019.




[Date] February 20 (Wed) – March 10 (Sun) 2019

[Venue] Susanoo-jinja Shrine


[URL]  http://www.inatorionsen.or.jp/hina_sp/index.html