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Okuhida Onsengou

Hot springs

UpdateMay 21, 2019
ReleaseOctober 4, 2017

Surrounded by the Northern Alps, which is the highest and steepest mountain ranges of Japan, there are five hot springs resorts collectively called Okuhida Onsen-kyo.
Hirayu Onsen, located in the heights 1,233 meter high, is the oldest and most venerable spa of Okuhida. It has been prospering as a hub of neighboring sightseeing spots such as Takayama and Shinhotaka, Gifu Prefecture, and Kamikochi, Nagano Prefecture. It is home to from rustic inns to luxurious hotels. Hirayu Otaki Falls, one of three major waterfalls in the Hida region, is nearby.
Fukuchi Onsen is another country feeling spa. Japan’s oldest fossil and other many fossils were founded around the spa.

Shinhirayu Onsen is the center of Okuhida area. It spreads at the western foot of Mount Yake-dake, one of the mountain of the Northern Alps, and the largest hot spring resort of the area. With a lot of water sources, you can enjoy abundant water of a variety of qualities. Okuhida Bear’s Park, which is home to some 100 bears of many kinds, is an enjoyable place to visit.
Tochio Onsen has a homely atmosphere. You can enjoy local cuisine of Okuhida in a friendly manner.

Shinhotaka Onsen is in the middle of a vast wilderness, just at the foot of the Northern Alps. In the past, only alpinists stayed here as a mountain climbing base. However, after opening of Shinhotaka Ropeway in 1970, everybody began to be able to see 3,000 meter mountains closely without climbing with their foot. And now it is a popular spa attracting many tourists.

With about 160 open-air baths, which is said to be Japan’s No.1, a nostalgic feel of the mountainside villages, and beautiful landscapes that seasonally change, it is sure that you will be refreshed at the Okuhida Onsen-kyo. Local specialties such as Hida beef, wild vegetables and river fish are also recommended.