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Content Policy

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■ General

Use of this website is undertaken at the responsibility of the user. Finex Co., Ltd. (“Finex”) pays the greatest care to the data provided on this website, but it may contain technically unavoidable inaccurate descriptions or typographical errors. If the user intends to make use of the posted information, we recommend confirming the information via a separate method before doing so. Also, the copyright holders including Finex bear no responsibility for direct or indirect damage or loss occurring to the user when using any such information.

■ Links

The user may proceed to another website via the links on this website. The linked websites are created according to their respective creation policies, which differ from this website’s creation policies. For that reason, Finex Co., Ltd. cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information posted on the linked websites. Also, we can bear no responsibility for any damage or loss suffered by the person concerned or by a third party accessing the website due to the posted information.

■ Copyright

The information posted on this website contains copyrighted items (articles, music, images, illustrations, photographs, programs, edited and copyrighted work, copyrighted work in a database, or secondary works based on any of the above) protected by copyright laws and treaties of various countries. Putting to another use, duplicating, transmitting, broadcasting, distributing, lending, translating, or altering the posted copyright items without the permission of the rights holders including Finex are infringements of the copyrights, and may be subject to legal punishment.

■ Collection and Analysis of Access Logs and Use of Cookies

Some pages on this website use cookies to provide appropriate information to the user and to understand the user’s usage of the site. Finex may use the cookie data to operate targeted ads related to this website. The cookie feature can be disabled via the user’s browser settings, but you may not then be able to use some parts of the service. Thank you for your understanding.Also, Google Analytics is used on this website to collect and analyze access logs. Logs collected via Google Analytics are managed based on Google’s privacy policy.