“Mount Fuji of the west and Mount Tsukuba of the east”

Take a ride on Tsukuba Express to see a spectacular view of autumn foliage!

“Mount Fuji of the west and Mount Tsukuba of the east”

One of the “100 famous mountains of Japan,” Mount Tsukuba, comprising the double peaks of Mount Nyotai (877 meters) and Mount Nantai (871 meters), is a perfect place for your day-trip hiking, since it is located only about one and a half hours away from Akihabara by train and bus and it is the lowest mountain among the 100 famous mountains. As suggested by the expression “Mount Fuji of the west and Mount Tsukuba of the east,” it is said to be as beautiful as Mount Fuji. At Mount Tsukuba, you can enjoy seasonal landscapes. Among others, the most recommended season to visit the mountain is the time of autumn foliage. From late October when the top of the mountain starts changing colors until late November when the area around Tsukubasan-jinja Shrine at the base becomes colorful, you can enjoy the beautiful autumn foliage for a long period of time.

There is a hiking trail for beginners, which takes about 100 minutes to get to the top. You will never get bored hiking up the mountain as you can enjoy beautiful red and yellow leaves and look at a beautifully complicated huge rock formations created by nature.

If you prefer taking it easy, you can take the ropeway or cable car. By cable car, you can enjoy autumn foliage while the car goes up the slope at 3. 6 m/sec. If you take the ropeway, which has a height difference of 298 meters, you can get a panoramic view of Mount Tsukuba with autumn foliage. Take a little trip from Tokyo to enjoy the gorgeous view of colored leaves this autumn!

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