Explore and experience the history and culture of Japan along with the great view of Setouchi! Shodoshima Vol.1

Shodoshima Island was designated as one of the Japan Heritage sites as an “Island of Stones” in 2019. The island is home to a district with many complicated small alleys, which is called “Town of Mazes.” You can explore and experience the history that laid the foundation of Japan through maritime traffic as well as rich food culture.

Mysterious power spot! “Kasane-iwa”

The huge stones are stacked on each other with such a delicate balance that they look like they could fall down any time, making you nervous. Serving as the object of worship for Kose-ishizuchi-jinja Shrine, it is a popular spot where people believe that power comes down from the sky.

Osaka Castle Zanseki Memorial Park

Quarrying has long been conducted on Shodoshima Island, and some stones were shipped to be used for building Osaka Castle. In this park, many stones were quarried for repairing the castle, but 40 unused stones were left behind, which are called zanseki. Along with such “unfortunate rocks,” the tools and transportation methods used at that time are recreated and displayed.

Recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records as the narrowest in the world! “Dofuchi Strait”

With the narrowest part measuring only 9.93 meters, this strait is recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records as the narrowest strait in the world. It attracts popularity as a symbol of the town, and it is illuminated beautifully at night.

Became a “sacred spot” for lovers “Angel Road”

This sand path appears only twice a day during low tide. It is said that if you and your significant other walk on the path holding hands, an angel will come down and answer your wish. This popular spot has been selected as a shooting place for many movies as well as appearing in anime.

Selected as one of Japan’s 100 Best Sunset Vantage Points “Yuhi no Oka Observatory”

Witness the mystical landscape of the calm water of the Seto Inland Sea shining with the setting sun along with various colors according to the seasons.

The only Nationally Designated Special Natural Treasure of Setouchi “Shimpaku at Hosho-in Temple”

This is Japan’s biggest shimpaku (juniper tree), located on the grounds of Hosho-in Temple, the 54th temple of the Shodoshima 88 pilgrimage sites route. The area around the tree has a fantastical atmosphere, so it can be an excellent place for meditation.

A blessing from the bountiful ocean “Shodoshima Shimahamo”

This brand fish has been especially attracting attention recently at Tonosho, where a variety of fish are brought in. Its popularity comes from its enhanced availability, hamo (daggertooth pike conger) being known as one of Japan’s high-grade fish.

A brand beef originated from Shodoshima “Olive Beef”

In Kagawa Prefecture, people succeeded in making feedstuff from olives after oil extraction after years of research. Cows fed with this olive-based feedstuff are marketed as a brand beef characterized by high-quality fat containing a large amount of oleic acid, winning many admiring fans among gastronomists.

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