Discover an “Autumn” You Have Never Experienced Before

Autumn in North Kansai The season for colored leaves is November in North Kansai. Visit North Kansai with its multitude charms in a journey to discover the “best autumn ever”!

Nariai-ji Temple

Three Most Scenic Spots of Japan, “Amanohashidate”

Nariai-ji Temple overlooking Amanohashidate holds it’s illumination of colored leaves in mid-November. From Kasamatsu Park, enjoy the panoramic view as well as looking at Amano-hashidate upside-down through your legs.

Yabu-jinja Shrine

With about 100 Japanese momiji (maple) trees, this shrine, one of the main spots for viewing autumn leaves in Hyogo Prefecture, holds an annual Momiji Festival around November.

Kogen-ji Temple

About 200 Japanese maple trees beautifully decorate the temple grounds. This temple offers a shojin-ryori (Buddhist vegetarian cuisine) tour for a group of four or more as well as lectures by monks (both require advance reservation). A special goshuin (stamp) is offered for a limited time only.

Seisho Park and Yumura Onsen

After enjoying beautiful colored leaves in the park, it is highly recommended to try the footbath and visit Arayu (the place where the steaming hot spring water is coming out), where you can make onsen tamago (soft-boiled eggs). Don’t miss delicious Japanese sweets at “Oba-a” (grandma) café,” where you can get positive energy from elderly women working there.

Kongo-in Temple

Known as “maple temple” in the Tango area, this temple offers a place to enjoy wonderful colored leaves. The combination of the three-story tower and the colored leaves makes a beautiful balance.

Omoto Plum Garden

During “Ayabe Momiji Festival” held in the peak season in November, the garden is illuminated, creating fantastical night scenery.

Izushi Castle Ruins and Izushi Walking

The combination of 37 red shrine gates and vividly colored maple leaves is very beautiful. The colored leaves are reflected on the white castle walls. In the castle town, you can try soba-making and an authentic shojin-ryori meal.

Mantoku-ji Temple

A temple with a garden that is a nationally designated place of scenic beauty. The contrast between the white sand and maple leaves in the garden is a must-see.

The information herein is as of March 2019

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