Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo: A relaxing public space

The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo has opened after renovation, on March 3, 2019.

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo: A relaxing public space

Kiba Park Approach

The building was completely renewed with the concept of a more open museum, so it has become a space where you can feel natural air and contemporary art directly.

A spacious courtyard. It is a public space where anyone can take a rest freely. In the entrance hall, you can feel relaxed in the sunshine coming through the big window. You can also see children playing and people taking a walk in Kiba Park next to the museum.

The inside of the building is very comfortable, with a lot of wooden interiors.

The exhibition rooms in the museum consist of three floors of special exhibition rooms (approximately 4,000 sqm) and two floors of collection exhibition rooms (approximately 3,000 sqm). This is the largest of the museums of modern art in Japan.

Escalator leading you to the exhibition rooms

In the exhibition rooms, the museum holds various special exhibitions of a wide variety of categories such as architecture, design, and fashion, focusing on contemporary art. The first special exhibition after re-opening is (March 29, 2019 to June 16) “Weavers of Worlds – A Century of Flux in Japanese Modern / Contemporary Art-.”

Pathway in the exhibition rooms This exhibition looks back at the history of Japanese art through about one hundred works from the 1910s to the present.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo now houses about 5,400 works in a wide range of genres from the modern era to the present, mainly Japanese and foreign art since 1945. Different cuts are made at each exhibition session so you can discover a wide range of the charms of contemporary art. The collection exhibition commemorating the renewal opening is “MOT Collection: Pleased to meet you. -New Acquisitions in recent years-” (March 29, 2019 to June 16). The exhibition mainly displays works created in the 2010s and works that have been repaired.

The museum shop “NADiff contemporary” has unique products created by various artists and creators. Take back with you the spirit of contemporary art through new discoveries and experiences at the museum!

They also have a cafe and lounge named “Sandwich Upstairs.”

Brochures in Japanese, English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and Korean are available.

How about refreshing your mind and body at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo on one of your days off?



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