Moominvalley Park Japan Welcome to Moomin’s world!

Long-awaited “Moominvalley Park” has opened on March 16th 2019.

“Moominvalley Park” is located near Miyazawa-ko Lake in Hanno-city, Saitama prefecture and is 50 minutes on train from Ikebukuro. It’s large in size: 7.3ha, equivalent to about 4 Tokyo Domes.

Emma teatteri (Emma Theatre)

Different from the amusement parks in which riding attractions are the main event, there are many shows and experience-based facilities in Moominvalley Park. Now we would like to introduce the places that you cannot miss.

First, the “Emma teatteri (Emma Theatre)”. On an outdoor stage, characters such as Moomin, Snufkin and Little My sing and dance so you can enjoy the 30-minute-show.

If you are lucky, you may be able to meet and greet the characters after the show.

Merenhuiske (Orchestra ship of the sea)

“Merenhuiske (Orchestra ship of the sea)” is a morphing theater and here you can experience the adventure of Moomin’s father in his childhood. You may need a raincoat!

The 15-minute-experience-based-show shown with projection-mapping is full of surprises you will definitely enjoy!

Muumitalo (Moomin’s mansion)

“Muumitalo (Moomin’s mansion )” is the symbol building of this park. It is the Moomin family’s house which has a third floor and an underground floor.

The designers went to North Europe and chose those furniture and small accessories one by one, so that it is truly depicted. You can see that they have been sensitive with the room arrangements and interiors.

You can listen to cute episodes as you tour around with a guide.

  • What kind of memories were there in Moomin Mamma’s bag?
  • Is there something under the bed inside Moomin’s room?

It is a heart-warming tour where you can feel the Moomin story and its life.

Pikku Myyn Ieikkipaikka (Little My’s play spot)

At “Pikku Myyn Ieikkipaikka (Little My’s play spot),” the staff takes a commemorative photo of the guests. The quizzes during the show were also fun. Moreover, you may be able to be costarred with Little My.

Now, what will happen during the show? Just wait until you see!

Moominvalley Cafeteria

Not just the shows and attractions, you can also enjoy the food! The main restaurant of Moominvalley Park “Moominvalley Cafeteria” has a lot of gourmets and deserts that excite Moomin fans!

Pasta featuring Snufkin’s hat. Spinach fettuccine with thick sauce made of powdered-kelp-tea and garlic. A refreshing and savory dish.

They also have hamburg that children love to eat. It is an authentic dish featuring a scene of “The Comet of Moominvalley ” and it tastes delicious.

How about some desert? “Citrus tart with a blue hat” is a tart with a citrus scent that depicts “Tooticky’s” hat. It is too cute to eat it.

Moomin shop

At this Moomin shop with the world’s finest assortment, you can find many merchandises imported directly from Finland and original goods that can only be bought here.

We would like to introduce some playful merchandises that the att.JAPAN editors liked.

  • Stuffed Moomin and Little My with clips

You can carry it around by pinching it on your bags with the clips! You’ll feel like you are going out with the characters.

  • Snakes Baumkuchen

With its thin and long appearance, it may look like an umbrella at first glance but in fact it is a moist Baumkuchen!
Isn’t it impactful for a souvenir? There are many other merchandises like mug cups and keychains.

With lots of must-visit highlights, “Moominvalley Park” is of course for those that like “Moomin,” but also for those that want to relax and be healed in their busy days!

Take home great memories with Moomin and his friends.

Admission Fee: Adults (from junior high school students and older): 1500 yen (tax included), Children (over 4 to elementary school students): 1000 yen (tax included)
※Children under 3 years old are free

Access From Ikebukuro Station to “Hanno Station” on train and then from the 1st stand of “Hanno Station North Exit” to “Metsa Stop (previous name: Miyazawako stop)” by bus
Business hours Weekdays 10:00-20:00, Weekends and holidays: 10:00-20:00

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