Let’s Enjoy Multi-cultural Food Experience in Okubo and Shin-Okubo!

The area around JR Shin-Okubo, which is one station away from Shinjuku on the Yamanote Line, and JR Okubo Station, only a 5-minute walk from JR Shin-Okubo Station, is famous as a Korean Town filled with Korean restaurants as well as shops and stores selling Korean items. This area has recently been transforming into a multinational town with various cultures from Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian countries. You can find various kinds of food from all over the world and enjoy authentic dishes. Let’s explore the chaotic area of Shin-Okubo and Okubo!


Shin-Okubo attracts many high-school girls in Tokyo. The area is packed with people looking for items related to popular Korean idol groups as well as Korean food.


Hatogu This Korean finger food looks like a hot dog but has a crispy outside and a cheese filling. When you bite into it, the melted cheese stretches out from inside. There is often a lineup of people who want to take a photo of that moment.

Islam Yokocho Street GREEN NASCO

Around Shin-Okubo Station, there is an area with many Muslim-friendly shops and stores selling halal food and spices as well as buildings with a prayer room. The aroma of spices from kebab and curry restaurants in this area makes you feel like you have wandered into a different country.

With an eye-catching green sign, this store sells mostly halal foods, various spices, beans, and snacks. The store does not sell alcohol beverages.


It also sells freshly-cooked kebab at the front.

Islam Yokocho Street Nasco Food Court

This restaurant which also has halal menu is popular among local foreigners as well as visitors.


Mutton biryani. Biryani is seasoned rice made with rice cooked with meat, fish, vegetables, and spices.

Islam Yokocho Street MoMo

This Nepali restaurant offers authentic Nepali dishes.


Momo. Nepali steamed gyoza (dumplings), with thinner skin than Chinese gyoza, served with a sauce.


If you walk from Shin-Okubo Station towards Okubo Station, you can find a small Chinatown, which is jammed with Chinese grocery stores and Chinese bookstores. You can surely find authentic Chinese restaurants there, too.

Southeast Asia Vietnam Pho

You can find restaurants offering authentic Thai dishes and Vietnamese dishes.

Serving a variety of authentic Vietnamese dishes for reasonable prices.


Bun Bo Hue. This spicy soup with tender beef tendon is addictive.

Southeast Asia Somoh Shin-Okubo

A popular restaurant in Shin-Okubo, serving authentic Thai dishes. The atmosphere makes you feel like you are in a resort in Thailand.


Khao soi. Egg-based noodles are served with a curry soup with rich coconut flavor.

Southeast Asia Shinokubo Asian Stall Village (Asia Yatai-mura)

If you are interested in various kinds of ethnic food, you should go to Asian Stall Village. Various kinds of food are served, including Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Singaporean, and Indian dishes.

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