Visit the Northern Kinki Area and you will fall in love with spring!

Enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms, delicious food, and a leisurely time in warm spring weather in the Northern Kinki Area.

Miyazu City : Cherry Blossoms at Kasamatsu Park

A perfect spot for viewing Amanohashidate, ranked one of Japan’s “three most scenic views,” along with cherry blossoms. In spring, you will go through beautiful cherry blossoms when you go by cable car or by chair lift to get to the observatory park on the top of the mountain.

Best time to view cherry blossoms: early April – mid-April

Toyooka City : Night Cherry Blossoms at Kinosaki Onsen

Enjoy beautifully-illuminated night cherry blossoms on your touring around of onsen facilities, wearing comfortable yukata (casual summer kimono). You will find out that night cherry blossoms are beautiful in a different way from those seen during daytime.

Sasayama City : Cherry Blossoms at Around Sasayama Castle Ruins

Around Sasayama Castle Ruins have about 1,000 Yoshino cherry trees. Enjoy the beautiful blossoms from a boat on the moat.

Fukuchiyama City : Cherry Blossoms at Fukuchiyama Castle

You can see beautiful cherry blossoms with the castle in the background. The light-up of blossoms on an everyday basis in the evenings is also a must-see.

Asago City : Cherry Blossoms at Takeda Castle Ruins

In spring, cherry blossoms beautifully bloom at Takeda Castle ruins and the surrounding area. You can have a splendid view of blossoms on 2,000 Yoshino cherry trees and yamazakura (mountain cherry) trees at Ritsuunkyo Valley on the opposite mountain.

Toyooka City : Izushi Castle Town and Izushi Soba

Izushi is a famous cherry blossom spot in spring. Along with cherry blossoms, enjoy its local specialty, Izushi sara soba buckwheat noodles!

Kami-cho Town : Tajima Plateau Botanical Gardens

You can see a stream of water coming out at the base of a 1,000-year-old tree. In spring, various kinds of flowers bloom, softening people’s hearts. The restaurant offers a popular menu of various parts of Tajima beef served in a “tree house”!

Asago City : Shirai Omachi Fuji Park

This is the largest wisteria park in the San-in area. Long vines of wisteria blossoms hanging here and there in the huge park create a subtlety mysterious atmosphere.

Best time to view wisteria blossoms: late April – mid-May

Toyooka specialty! Fuwatto-rosha Daifuku

This daifuku dessert with home-made red bean paste and seasonal fruit wrapped in mochi (sticky rice cake) is made with special rice that is grown on land in a well-protected natural environment, so unspoiled that even wild Japanese white storks can make it their habitat.

The information herein is as of November 2018
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