Japanese Stationery

Stationery is something that people of different generations, from students to working adults, need. With various ingenious devices and technologies, Japanese stationery has continued to evolve rapidly. If you are looking for souvenirs in Japan, how about choosing unique stationery?

Here are some recommended stationery items

“Cute” mt series masking tape

Colorful masking tapes with cute designs of the “mt” series are highly versatile, and can be used for writing notes, interior decorations, and album making. 151 yen and up

“Great” SMART FIT PuniLabo standing pen cases by LIHIT LAB.

SMART FIT PuniLabo pen cases can stand on your desk! By pushing in the bottom part, it becomes flat and able stand independently, while the pens inside stick out so that you can take them out easily. This convenient pen case does not take up much space on your desk! 1,512 yen

“Convenient” Harinacs Press stapleless stapler

Regular stapleless staplers are very convenient, but they make holes in papers. Harinacs Press has been developed to solve this problem, which can put papers together without making a hole. To disassemble the papers, just rub the binding part. 1,188 yen

“Easy” Hayauchi Keshipon by PLUS

This stamp was developed to protect personal information. It can mask a large area at once, allowing you to efficiently conceal your address and/or names. 972 yen (Regular size)

“Good idea” orenznero by Pentel

When you are using a mechanical pencil, breaking the lead makes you feel regretful. Orenznero by Pentel has a function to automatically push out the lead, so you can keep writing with it until the lead is completely gone. 3,240 yen     *All prices are including tax.

Maruzen Ikebukuro

Maruzen Ikebukuro

This large-scale stationery shop in Ikebukuro has in its front display parts of Keikyu-line and Seibu-line train cars, which serve as a landmark. This shop sells various items, including stationery for everyday use as well as items great for souvenirs, providing a fun place to just look around. There is a café on the 1st floor, so you can relax after shopping! Ikebukuro Sta. (JR, Subway, Tobu, Seibu)

Ginza Itoya

Ginza Itoya

Opened in 1904, Itoya with its more than 100 years of history went through a major renewal in 2015. Under the theme of providing a realistic experience of stationery, this stationery store gives a theme to each floor. It is like a theme park of stationery, including a floor with about 2,000 fountain pens, a section where you can customize notebooks, and a corner where you can write a letter or card and post it. Ginza Sta. (Subway)

Sekaido Shinjuku Honten

Sekaido Shinjuku Honten (main store)

Sekaido is a specialized store selling painting supplies, stationery, and frames for arts and crafts. If you cannot find something related to arts and crafts, you should come to this store and you may find it easily from its huge selection. The “surprised Mona Lisa” portraits above the entrance are its landmark. Shinjuku-sanchome Sta. (Subway) Shinjuku Sta. (JR, Odakyu, Keio)

Tokyo Kyukyodo Ginza Honten

Tokyo Kyukyodo Ginza Honten (main store)

First established in 1663, this venerable store specializes in selling incense, items for calligraphic works and paintings, and washi (Japanese paper) products. Its wide variety of products that offer “Japanese” taste include high-quality “Four Treasures of the Study” (brush, ink, paper, and ink stone), and various items made with washi, such as craft products and stickers. Ginza Sta. (Subway)

The information herein is as of August 2018
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