Kanda / Akihabara

Kanda / Akihabara

At the forefront of high technology but with streets echoing memories of times past. Walk with us through Kanda and Akihabara and experience a unique blend of old and new.



・Kanda-jinja Shrine (Kanda Myojin) 
Protecting Tokyo for almost 1,300 years, Kanda-jinja Shrine or, as it is affectionately known, Kanda Myojin, is among Tokyo’s most important shrines, and equally famous is its regular festival, Kanda Matsuri. In the past few years, the shrine has been offering ema votive plates and omamori talismans featuring anime themes including “Love Live!” that have made it popular to anime fans not only in Japan but from all over the world.


・Kanda Matsuya
A soba buckwheat noodles restaurant with a taste that has remained unchanged for more than 130 years. At Matsuya, you can enjoy soba freshly made every day with a distinctive texture and taste. Adding to the experience is the wooden building itself, going back 90 years.

Unadon (grilled eel on rice) during the day, beer and skewers in the evening. A good place for a pit stop any time of the day! Its popular “Unadon Double” (1,800 yen) has a second layer of eel grilled in soy sauce besides the one topping the rice. Double the volume, double the pleasure!

・Tokaisendan and Tsukasa Bettei
Just a five-minute walk from Kanda Station’s West Exit, a pair of izakaya taverns with a history of about 30 years. Visit them for fresh sashimi (brought in daily from the Tsukiji Fish Market) and sake from all over Japan at reasonable prices

Old meets new

In the past, Manseibashi was an active train station. Now the station is not functional anymore, but its buildings have been reincarnated into a stylish commercial facility housing various businesses and with a viewing deck from which you can enjoy the trains of the JR Chuo Line coming and going.

・Hitachino Brewing Lab.(craft beer)
A place where you can try Hitachino Nest Beer, already available in over 30 countries. Sit on the terrace by the Kanda River and enjoy a beer and snack.

・NOAKE TOKYO (sweets)
A Western-style confectionery specializing in baked sweets. We recommend the “Porte Bonheur” (one box, 565 yen, tax included) or a sablé shortbread biscuit assortment shaped as cherry blossoms (evoking a bright spring day) or a bunny (considered a talisman in Japan because it jumps over hardships!).

Located under the elevated tracks between Akihabara and Okachimachi stations, this facility houses artisans and creators and their shops and ateliers as well as drinking and dining spots.

・Nippon Department Store
A shop offering excellent products by craftspeople from all over the country. The level of sophistication and attention to detail will astound you! A 5,000 yen (tax not included) tin sake cup shaped as Mt. Fuji is a wonderful one that mellows the taste of the water or sake as you pour into it.

An umbrella-maker that will satisfy every need. You can choose your favorite color out of a palette of 77 as well as the length or the size or the grip. Talk with the umbrella artisans and customize your own unique umbrella!

Kanda Curry Grand Prix

Being home to some 400 eateries offering curry dishes, Kanda is a virtual curry battleground! Every year a contest is held to decide the best curry in the area, and for the last three years “Jan Curry” Suehirocho Branch has been winning prizes, with rumors that its deep taste and spiciness are enough to hook you after the first few bites!

BOOK TOWN Kanda-Jimbocho

Kanda-Jimbocho has developed as a students’ town for a long period of time. About 140 out of 200 bookstores within the town are mostly second-hand books. Get a feel of a treasure hunting and look for a book that is just for you.


New Culture

Shops specializing in electronics, anime, games, etc., all crammed next to each other. This is Akihabara! Let’s walk around and find the shop that is just for you!

An information center that will give you all the latest news about what’s going on in Akihabara, shops, events –and everything. Get there first to gather some intelligence and exploit their free Wi-Fi and the luggage storage service (reservation required). English and Chinese-speaking staff are also available.

・@home cafe (maid café)
Maid cafés are cafés where waitresses are dressed as French maids. At @home cafe’s carefree environment you can enjoy cute dishes, sweets and drinks and play games with the maids and take pictures with them. English-speaking staff is available.

・Cosplay Studio CROWN
A photo studio where you can cosplay and have your picture taken. You can bring your own costume, or you can pick a course including outfit, makeup, and shooting. Dressing up and going out for a walk courses are also available.

・e☆earphone Akihabara Branch
In this shop, from the latest to old, secondhand models, you can find more than 4,000 types of earphones and headphones that you can try for free. This shop is known for gathering celebrities from all over the world with a special interest in earphones and headphones.

・Tsukumo Robot Okoku
A shop specializing in robots of all kinds, from bipeds to drones to built-your-own-robot kits. You can find them all here!

The 6th floor of Sega Akihabara’s Building No.3 is a VR attraction space. Enjoy the latest in virtual reality attractions. Walking through a game’s VR setting and shooting down enemies is a great thrill! Because on weekends and holidays waiting times are often 2-3 hours, we recommend visiting early in the morning on weekdays. VR is available in English, Chinese and Korean.

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