New Hot Places in Osaka~2018 Spring/Summer~


Directly access from Osaka Station! On the second basement of “LUCUA osaka”, one of Japan’s largest station-connected commercial facilities, a new food area featuring a collaboration of a market and restaurants has opened.Among others,” Kitchen & Market” is a must-visit place.This floor offers you various ways to enjoy food according to your desires and needs, such as buying souvenirs, dining, and getting food to go.

The floor has an eating space and a BBQ space.

You can see a live tuna dissection performance every day!

Wine counter with more than 1,000 kinds of wine

Gourmet section with Japanese sweets and local foods

Access JR Osaka Sta., Umeda Sta. on the Subway, Hankyu, Hanshin lines
Business hours 10:00~23:00

【Nakanoshima Kosetsu Museum of Art】3/21 OPEN

The art museum has a collection of antiquities from Japan and Eastern Asia, including swords, armor, Buddhist art, calligraphies, modern paintings, and tea ceremony implements. The main feature is the full-size replica of a tea house “Gennan,” which is located at “The Former Murayama Family Residence,” a nationally designated Important Cultural Property.


With the recreation in full, including the attached garden, you can easily imagine the atmosphere surrounding the tea house.

Access JR Osaka Sta., Kitashinchi Sta., Watanabebashi Sta. on the Keihan Line, Higobashi Sta. and Yodoyabashi Sta. on the Subway Line
The information herein is as of June 2018
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