Senshu, Osaka The Area Full of Matsuri Passion

Senshu, the southwest area of Osaka, is a veritable treasure house of history, culture, nature and gastronomy!

And home to a festival culture spreading all over its towns and drawing spectators from all over Japan during the September-October festival season.

Senshu, Osaka The Area Full of Matsuri Passion

Festivals in Senshu

The long history of the Senshu area, owed to its proximity to the capitals of Kyoto and Nara in ancient times, can still be traced in the temples and shrines found there. After the 16th century, it flourished as a castle town and home to the merchants’ class and those peoples’ prayers for prosperity and bountiful harvests of crops are thought to be the origins of the festivals.


Giant floats called “danjiri” are the main attraction of the danjiri festivals. They are pulled by large crowds and they are rushed around the town while groups of musicians accompany them with their rhythmical drums-and-bells sounds. A spectacular sight, made even more powerful by men dancing on the danjiri’s roofs.

Futon Daiko

“Futon Daiko” are very big portable floats for drums. They are carried by a large number of persons and the sound of the drum as well as the rhythmic shouts of the carriers create an exciting atmosphere.


“Yagura,” which are carts with two big wheels, are also paraded during the festivals.

Many Yagura festivals are held in the Senshu’s south area each year.

Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri (Kishiwada City)

With a history of about 300 years, this is the most representative festival of Senshu, gathering about 500.000 spectators. This year’s dates are during September 15-16 and October 6-7. You’ll have the chance to see 80 danjiri running around. This is one of the most dynamic festivals in Japan and the energy is contagious! Particularly, “yarimawashi” when the danjiri needs to turn at a right angle at a corner is a must see!

Futon Daiko (Sakai City)

The futon daiko used in the Mozu Hachimangu Shrine’s moon viewing festival on September 22 and 23 are 4 meters in height and 3 tons in weight. The sight of them parading in the streets is quite spectacular.

Yagura Parade / Autumn Festival (Hannan City)

On September 30, 2018, before the autumn festival, about 20 yagura gather from each district of the city and parade around to showcase their vigor and energy. On the days of the autumn festival on October 7-8, don’t miss the dynamic climb up the shrine’s stone staircase, testing the strength of the yagura crews!

Kishiwada Danjiri Hall

Learn about the danjiri’s long history, marvel at their magnificent woodcarving decorations, see a festival on big monitors – and you can even have your own festival experience at this museum, getting a chance to feel the atmosphere of the festival on your skin! Nankai Dentetsu Takojizo Sta.

For more details, see the website.


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