Unazuki Onsen: One of the best onsen areas in the Hokuriku region, at a beautiful gorge

Unazuki Onsen

Along the Kurobe-gawa River which flows between the Tateyama Mountains and Ushirotateyama Mountains in Toyama Prefecture, there is large valley, Kurobe Kyokoku (Kurobe Gorge).

Located at the entrance to the gorge, Unazuki Onsen became more accessible both from Tokyo and Osaka with the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen in 2015.

Located on an area of land that used to have peach trees everywhere, Unazuki Onsen opened in 1923 at the time of the hydroelectric power development of the Kurobe-gawa River. At that time, hot spring water was transferred from Kuronagi about 7km upstream through connected wooden pipes made by hollowing out Japanese Red Pine trees. The colorless, transparent spring water is mildly alkaline, containing low levels of minerals and other ingredients; therefore, it is mild to skin. It is called an “onsen for beautiful skin,” and is said to bring four kinds of beneficial effects, including the cleansing and moisturizing effect of ions and the detoxing effect of carbon dioxide.

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The onsen fountain in front of the quaint Unazuki-Onsen Station was created in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Unazuki Onsen. Abundant hot spring water of about 60 degrees Celsius gushes out of the symbol of the Onsen town, with vigorous steam. As you can find footbath facilities here and there throughout the town, you can enjoy them while strolling.

Photo:Kurobe Unazuki-onsen Tourist

“Yumedokoro Unazuki” at the center of the town is a public bathhouse where tourists and locals gather and enjoy themselves. It is a perfect place to interact with local people. As it also has a tourist information center, it may be a good place to start your trip in Unazuki.

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From Yamabiko Observatory, which is three minutes from Unazuki Station, you can have a great view of not only the beautiful gorge but also the bright-red Shin-Yamabiko-bashi Bridge over the gorge and the Kurobe Gorge Railway train, commonly called “torokko train,” running on the bridge. This torokko train running for 20 km from Unazuki to Keyakidaira is very famous, representing Kurobe Gorge tourism. A train trip is also recommended as you can enjoy the steep cliffs and the beautiful wilderness from the train.

Photo:Kurobe Unazuki-onsen Tourist

You can enjoy wonderful seasonal views in this area, including the overwhelming view of autumn foliage coloring the whole mountain red and yellow in fall, the great landscape of the majestic Tateyama Mountains covered with snow in winter, and a beautiful flower field in front of the mountains with spots of snow in spring. Along with these gorgeous views, you should enjoy delicious local dishes. Toyama Prefecture is a treasure house of food ingredients. Especially, the seafood from Toyama Bay is well known throughout the nation, including fatty Japanese yellowtail and crabs in winter, firefly squid in spring, and shiro-ebi (glass shrimp) in summer only available at Toyama Bay. Unazuki Onsen town is always filled with attractive things to see and do throughout the year!

Access Tokyo Sta. -> 140 min by Hokuriku Shinkansen -> Kurobe-Unazuki Onsen Sta. -> 5 min walk -> Shin-Kurobe Sta. -> 25 min by Toyama-Chihou Railway -> Unazuki Onsen
Telephone number 0765572850
URL https://www.kurobeunazuki.com/
The information herein is as of June 2021

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