Expo’70 Commemorative Park

Expo’70 Commemorative Park

The Expo’70 Commemorative Park is a popular landmark sightseeing spot in Suita City. The Tower of the Sun is a symbolic art sculpture in the park. The park is the former site where the Japan World Exposition was held in 1970, the first world exposition that was held in Asia. Surrounded by nature, there are two areas in the park: the Natrual and Cultural Gardens and the Japanese Garden.

The most famous landmark of the park is the Tower of the Sun that was created by the artist Taro Okamoto. It was built as part of the theme pavilion for the Expo. The tower is 70 meters high and the diameter of the foundation is 20 meters wide. It is a splendid sight to see up close with its powerful presence. There are three faces on the tower: the Golden mask, the Face of the Sun, and the Black Sun. Located on top of the tower, the Golden Mask represents the future. The Face of the Sun, which is located on the front, represents the present moment. And the Black Sun on the back symbolizes the past. We especially recommend seeing the Black Sun since it is rarely introduced in the media.

“It is spacious and relaxing!” The recommended walking route in the park is to take a stroll around the Natural and Cultural Gardens where you can enjoy the seasonal plants and flowers, taking a nice deep breath and relaxing in this spacious area. Then, keep walking and enjoy observing the 9th century to modern day style gardens in the Japanese Garden. Let the soothing sound of the water and pond revitalize you. If you want to take a break and enjoy a cup of tea, you can visit the Japanese tea house, “Senrian.”

After walking on the cherry tree lined street you can stop by the EXPO’70 Pavilion, a commemorative facility for the Japan World Exposition, and then visit the Tower of the Sun. The duration of the route is approximately 2 hours long. After your walk you can relax and recharge in the footbath called “Mori no Ashiyu.”

Address Senri-Banpaku-Koen, Suita City, Osaka
Access Banpaku-kinen-koen Sta., Koen-higashiguchi Sta. on Osaka Monorail
Telephone number 0668777387
URL http://www.expo70-park.jp/
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