Only a day-trip away from Tokyo! Enjoy summer in the Miura Peninsula!

Located on the southeastern part of Kanagawa Prefecture, the Miura Peninsula contains many attractive places for various activities and good food. This time we introduce you to various charms of Yokosuka and Miura. Take a short trip from Tokyo and enjoy summer in the Miura Peninsula!

Miura Area

About one hour by Keikyu train from Shinagawa Sta. to Misakiguchi Sta.
Miura City, on the southernmost tip of the Miura Peninsula, is an area with many seaside viewing spots, such as the Miura Coast and Bishamon Bay. In warm weather, it is recommended to rent a bicycle near the station and enjoy cycling and marine sports. The area is also famous for Misaki-gyoko fishing port with one of the largest landings of tuna in Japan. There are tuna restaurants everywhere in this area.

Mount Fuji from Moroiso Bay Miura Peninsula contains many prime viewing spots of Mount Fuji. Among others, Moroiso Bay is a popular photo-taking spot, with Mount Fuji right in front along with an array of sailboats in the harbor.

Jogashima at the southernmost part in the Miura Peninsula has been awarded two stars in the Micheline Green Guide Japan in 2013. In Jogashima Park, you can hike up to the Awasaki Lighthouse, feeling the cool ocean air. On a clear day, you can see Mount Fuji!

Umanose-domon, a sea cave midway along the hiking trail, is artwork of nature created from the erosion of rocks by waves, rain, and wind.

Koajiro no Mori
This is the only forest in the Kanto region with an intact ecosystem from the headwaters to the mouth of the river. There is a walking trail of about 1.6 km for 60 to 90 minutes. On the trail, you can see more than 2,000 kinds of animals and plants, including endangered species.


Yokosuka Area

About 45 minutes by Keikyu train from Shinagawa Sta. to Yokosuka-Chuo Sta.
Yokosuka City is home to a US Navy base, offering places to feel an American atmosphere, including a cruising tour in which you can see US navy ships and Japanese navy ships close-up, and “dobuita-dori” street where US dollars are accepted. There are also famous local food dishes, such as Navy curry and hamburgers.

A typical souvenir from Yokosuka is a sukajan jacket. It is said to have started when a US military jacket with embroidered Japanese patterns, such as dragons, tigers, and hawks, on the back, became a popular souvenir among US soldiers.

Sarushima Island
This uninhabited island in Tokyo Bay served as a fort to protect the bay with batteries installed from the late 19th century to the end of WWII. Nowadays, it utilizes and puts together its historical heritage and nature to create a unique spot, offering a place where you can take a walk or enjoy BBQ without preparation. The swimming beach will open in mid-July, so you can enjoy swimming in the ocean as well as fishing.

Nagai Seaside Park Soleil Hill
This park has a 5,000-sq.-m. flower garden where about 100,000 sunflowers vividly blossom in summer. You can enjoy seasonal flowers throughout the year, including field mustard blossoms and nemophila (baby blue eyes) blossoms in spring and cosmoses in autumn. The park also offers various activities, such as touching and cuddling small animals, BBQing, harvesting vegetables, and a taking-a-warm- bath facility.

Arasaki Park
Located near Nagai Seaside Park Soleil Hill, this park has a scenic landscape with a naturally-formed beautiful rocky coast. A great spot for enjoying beautiful sunsets!

Marine sports offered at Miura Peninsula!

In addition to the great beach for enjoying swimming in the ocean, Miura Peninsula is a great place for marine sports, including windsurfing, sea kayaking, and SUP (standup paddle-boarding). With convenient access by train from Tokyo and with its gentle waves, it is a popular summer spot. On a clear day, it is recommended to try sea kayaking while enjoying the view of Mount Fuji.

The information herein is as of May 2019
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