Kita-in Temple

Kita-in Temple

The Kita-in Temple (Kawagoe Daishi) was founded in about 830 by Jikaku Daishi Ennin.

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The temple was closely associated with the Tokugawa Government; for example, “the birthplace of the third Shogun Iemitsu” and “the dressing room for Kasuga no Tsubone,” Iemitsu’s nanny, were moved here from Edo Castle in Tokyo. Kita-in Temple is also famous for “Gohyaku Rakan,” more than 500 statues of Rakan (arhats) were created over the 50 years between 1782 and 1825. The 538 statues have a delightful variety of facial expressions . Senba Toshogu Shrine, one of the three major Toshogu shrines in Japan, is located south of Kita-in Temple.

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