Gero Onsen: Be moved by this hot spring village in the mountains

Gero Onsen: Be moved by this hot spring village in the mountains

Nestled in the middle of Japan in Gifu Prefecture’s Hida River basin, is Gero Onsen, one of the three great springs of the nation.

Adored by people for more than a millennium, the origin of these springs is intertwined with “Shirasagi,” the White Crane which according to legend was once injured and healed its wounds in the Hida River, revealing the hot spring location to the villagers. In the Edo era (17th to late 19th century), the area was called “one of the three great springs in Japan” along with Arima Onsen and Kusatsu Onsen by Hayashi Razan, a Confucian scholar who served the Tokugawa shogunate, including Tokugawa Ieyasu.

The waters of Gero Onsen are colorless and clear, with a faint fragrance and soft texture. It is a natural alkaline simple spring with a maximum source temperature of 84 degrees Celsius. Alkaline simple springs are also known as “the waters of beauty,” able to smooth and beautify the skin through exfoliation.

It is also believed to accelerate both metabolism and blood circulation, helping to revive people from fatigue and improve health.

When visiting Gero, the many footbaths in the city are a pleasure not to be missed. There are nine footbaths in Gero town particularly loved by the locals, and some are open 24 hours a day. If you feel tired during your walk, take a break, dip a toe in the warm waters and ponder your next destination. The wide-open spacious Fountain Pond is also popular. Enjoy the spring waters while listening to the murmur of the Hida River currents. * Swimsuit required

Ideyu Morning Market has what you want.

Looking for a souvenir? Look no further than this market held annually from early March to late November near the entrance to Gero Onsen Gassho Village where you can get special goods like local sake, tomato juice, blueberry jam, or pickled red turnips while talking with the locals.

Spring sakura, summer fireworks, autumn leaves, fresh fallen winter snow. Stunning scenery awaits your visit to Gero Onsen in any season along with a wide variety of hot springs.

To enjoy Gero Onsen fully, the “Yu-meguri Tegata” Pass is a great deal. For 1,300 yen you can take a bath in three of the participating ryokan inns and keep the pass as a souvenir.

Access Tokyo Sta. -> 100 min by Tokaido Shinkansen -> Nagoya Sta. -> 90 min by limited express Wide View Hida -> Gero Sta.
Telephone number 0576241000

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