Eight recommended TOKYO SKYTREE little-known photo spots!

TOKYO SKYTREE, one of the main symbols of Tokyo. As a resident of eastern Tokyo near the TOKYO SKYTREE, I’ve compiled a list of recommended photo spots from the well-known to the hidden gems. Depending on the location, season, and time of day, you’ll be able to snap photos of various captivating aspects of this area of the city.

Sumida Park (Taito City side)

This photo was taken by the baseball field at the Taito Riverside Sports Center in Sumida Park.
Though taken in late January, the plum blossoms were in bloom, allowing me to capture a combination of the plum blossoms and TOKYO SKYTREE. One of the best times of year to visit is from late January to February when you can enjoy the plum blossoms.

Access Nearest station: Asakusa (Subway, Tobu, Tsukuba Express) 

Sumida Park (Sumida City side)

This is a view from Sumida Park on the Sumida City side, just in front of the West Zone of TOKYO mizumachi. This park is a popular hanami (cherry blossom viewing) spot and a must-visit location for those seeking to get a combination snapshot of the cherry blossoms and the TOKYO SKYTREE. This picture was taken in late March of this year, but I suggest checking the cherry blossom blooming forecast before heading over.

Access Nearest station: Honjo-azumabashi (Subway)   *I also recommend walking along the SUMIDA RIVER WALK from Asakusa.   

Asakusa-Nitemmon Pier

Another spot worth visiting during the cherry blossom season is nearby Asakusa-Nitemmon Pier. You can get a picture of the cherry blossoms stretching along the Sumida River with the TOKYO SKYTREE in the background. Yakatabune (Japanese houseboats) pass by at nighttime, and if you’re lucky, you can take a picture of the cherry blossoms, yakatabune, and TOKYO SKYTREE all in one shot.

Access Nearest station: Asakusa (Subway, Tobu, Tsukuba Express) 

Genmori-bashi Bridge

This picture was taken from Genmori-bashi Bridge, located between the West and East zones of TOKYO mizumachi. The Tobu Railway runs over TOKYO mizumachi, which means you can photograph the Tobu Railway and TOKYO SKYTREE together. This particular photo was taken during the Tokyo Paralympics when there were special illuminations in the symbolic colors of the event. No matter the time of day, train enthusiasts will surely be able to take pictures worthy of showing off.

Access Nearest station: Honjo-azumabashi (Subway), TOKYO SKYTREE (Tobu) 

Makura-bashi Bridge

This photo was taken at Makura-bashi Bridge adjacent to Genmori-bashi Bridge. Makura-bashi is a bridge near the entrance of the West Zone of TOKYO mizumachi. Beautiful at night, you can get a dreamy view of the TOKYO SKYTREE reflecting on the water’s surface.

Access Nearest station: Honjo-azumabashi (Subway), TOKYO SKYTREE (Tobu) 

Riverbed near Yotsugi Station

From the riverbed near Yotsugi Station, you can get a nostalgic view of the TOKYO SKYTREE against a backdrop of the townscape and setting sun. Although this picture is from the winter, the fall landscape is luxuriant with Japanese silver grass to help you capture a memorable scene.

Access Nearest station: Yotsugi (Keisei) 

Minowabashi Station (Toden Arakawa Line)

This was taken near Minowabashi Station, the first and last stop on the Tokyo Sakura Tram (Toden Arakawa Line). Although you can only see the upper half of the TOKYO SKYTREE, it’s a great location to get a snapshot with these now unique streetcars-trains.

Access Nearest station: Minowabashi (Toden)  *This spot is also a 5-minute walk from Minowa Station (Subway). 

sakusa Shin-Nakamise Shopping Street

This was photographed at the intersection of Asakusa’s Shin-Nakamise Shopping Street and Nakamise Shopping Street. From the gaps of the covered shopping arcade, you can get impressive shots of the TOKYO SKYTREE!

Access Nearest station: Asakusa (Subway, Tobu, Tsukuba Express) 

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The information herein is as of September 2021
I am Akito from Tokushima Prefecture, currently living in a shitamachi old downtown area in Tokyo. I love sento public bath facilities and travelling, visiting sento once a week and travelling once a month. Nowadays, I am into strolling around the areas in Tokyo that I have never been to!

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