Tokyo Walk: Introducing new trending places to visit in Sumida

Known as home to TOKYO SKYTREE℠, Sumida now features some new must-see attractions that opened in 2020. The list of these trending spots includes Sumida River Walk and TOKYO mizumachi, which were newly opened earlier this year as well as well as Sumida Aquarium, which reopened after renovations. Below you will find some tips to maximize the fun in these attractions as well as some picture-perfect spots of the TOKYO SKYTREE℠ area!

Sumida River Walk

Though TOKYO SKYTREE℠ was not so easily accessible from Asakusa as you would imagine, this is no longer the case after a dream bridge connecting these signature Tokyo spots opened this summer!

The shortest walking route connecting Asakusa and TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN, this pedestrian bridge is one of Japan’s few bridges that run along a railway.

This convenient bridge’s elaborate features include a section of glass flooring as well as the SKYTREE’s official mascot Sorakara-chan, hidden in two spots.

Recognized as a “lover’s sanctuary,” this new landmark bridge is a prefect date spot.

Access 2-min walk from Asakusa Sta. (Subway, Tobu)

TOKYO mizumachi

Walking across Sumida River Walk from Asakusa to TOKYO SKYTREE℠, you’ll find TOKYO mizumachi, a newly opened complex combining commercial facilities and hotels that stretches under the elevated railway. Featuring new types of businesses and first Japan stores of international chains, this urban complex is naturally this year’s new buzzing attraction.

logo meaning

The upper part is a railway bridge and Tokyo mizumachi, and the lower part is a design that reflects them on the surface of the river. Try rotating this logo 90 degrees clockwise. Did you see the kanji for “Water Street”? These two kanji are pronounced “mizumachi” in Japanese. It’s a logo full of humor.



Stop by empty-handed for BBQ in an open terrace, or pick your favorites from the takeout menu including chicken in a basket, authentic savory crepes and 10 types of ready-to-eat foods that are always available – a picnic in Sumida Park just across the street would certainly make your day.



A traditional Japanese cafe run by a popular Japanese dessert shop in Sumida City, this dine-in cafe serves sundaes topped with shiratama mochi dumplings as well as anmitsu (traditional Japanese dessert featuring sweet red beans and jelly cubes). Ichiya’s special dorayaki (sweet red bean filling between two slices of pancakes) and daifuku (a small round of mochi stuffed with sweet filling) are available for takeout.



Newly opened by a popular Tokyo chain, MŪYA boasts luxurious butter-rich bread. This Tokyo bakery serves French toast that’s crispy on the outside and moist inside as well as colorful sandwiches with plenty of ingredients.


Sumida Park

Stepping into this recently renovated park, you’ll be greeted with neat and beautiful lawns and a magnificent close-up view of TOKYO SKYTREE℠. This urban oasis is a perfect place to loosen up and spend a relaxing time.

Sumida Aquarium is back after large-scale renovations!

After its first large-scale renovation project since opening, the popular Tokyo attraction Sumida Aquarium is back with two new areas. This urban undersea paradise has been renovated into one unified space that brings visitors even closer to marine life.


The new sensations of two innovative fish tanks in the jellyfish area

About twice larger than its previous size, the new jellyfish area features Big Schale, one of Japan’s biggest fish tanks that is seven meters in diameter. An oval-shaped basin, this open-top fish tank offers a sensational experience of directly observing about 500 moon jellyfish that are fantastically illuminated with blue, green and red lights.


Another interesting feature of the jellyfish area is the drum-shaped continuum of three fish tanks. Learning about differences among the three types of jellyfish varying in color, pattern and move will make your visit a fulfilling experience.


Feed your curiosity in Aquaspace by observing aquarists’ work up close

Aquaspace consists of the kitchen and the lab: while the former obviously plays an essential role in preparing foods for these living creatures, the latter will allow you to learn how aquarists take care of jellyfish as well as these marine animals’ reproduction process.


Observing aquarists’ behind-the-scenes work will certainly boost your interest in living things.

Penguins’ feeding times!

In the penguin pool of Sumida Aquarium, you can enjoy a close-up view of 48 penguins’ feeding time three times a day. You’ll find that each penguin has unique preferences in fish and eating styles. Few other places provide an opportunity to observe interactions between animals and keepers, who demonstrate exquisite teamwork in managing these animals’ health.


Access ●0 min from TOKYO SKYTREE Sta. (Tobu SKYTREE Line) ●5-min walk from Oshiage Sta. (Subway, Keisei)

Picture-perfect spots for shooting TOKYO SKYTREE

Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center

Best time of the day for photos: afternoon Getting here: 1-min walk from Asakusa Sta. (Subway, Tobu)

Koume Jido Yuen

Best time of the day for photos: afternoon Getting here: 3-min walk from TOKYO SKYTREE Sta. (Tobu SKYTREE Line)


Best time of the day for photos: morning Getting here: 10-min walk from Kameido Sta. (JR, Tobu)

Kameido Tenjinja Shrine

Best time of the day for photos: morning Getting here: 13-minute walk from Kameido Sta. (JR, Tobu)

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