Explore “Kyoto by the Sea” and Have Good Luck

Located along the coast of the Sea of Japan, this northern area of Kyoto Prefecture is commonly called “Kyoto by the Sea.” The area, about a 90-minute drive away from downtown Kyoto, has unique attractions that you won’t find in the urban areas of Kyoto. Get away from the bustle of everyday life and visit Kyoto by the Sea, a place that boosts your energy with its natural and historical riches.

Set out to superb locations to improve your fortune!

The Kyoto by the Sea area has several beautiful view spots that make you feel bright.



Amanohashidate has captivated people since ancient times as one of the “Three Scenic Views of Japan.” It is a geographical wonder and is considered a good-fortune spot. With a 3.6-km-long sandbar covered with 6,700 luxuriantly-growing pine trees, the entire scenery looks like an ascending dragon, a symbol of good luck in Japan.

Kawarake-nage: try your luck!

At Amanohashidate View Land and Amanohashidate Kasamatsu Park, you can try Kawarake-nage, throwing kawarake (a ceramic disk) into a ring placed five to six meters away from you. It is said that if your kawarake goes through the ring, your wish will come true. It is quite difficult to hit the mark, but make a wish and try your luck.

Amanohashidate View Land 
Address: Monju, Miyazu City, Kyoto
Opening hours: please refer to the official website.
Closed: open 365 days

Amanohashidate Kasamatsu Park 
URL: https://www.amano-hashidate.com/
Address: Ogaki, Miyazu City, Kyoto
Opening hours: the hours will vary throughout the year. Please refer to the official website.
Closed: open 365 days

・Funaya (Boat houses)

Funaya (Boat houses) in Ine About 230 boat houses lining the shore of Ine Bay offer amazing scenery that cannot be found anywhere else. Funaya is a unique construction with the first floor on the water serving as a fishing boat garage and the second floor a residence area. The village is also called “Venice of Japan.” Tips: Boat houses are private properties of residents. You cannot trespass on them without permission. Visitors could enjoy viewing the village with a guided tour or from a cruising boat.

Exquisite local delicacies to cheer you up!

The Kyoto by the Sea area is known for its natural bounty, and you should not miss out on fresh seafood such as crab and yellowtails.

Crab, in particular, can be enjoyed from the opening day of the fishing season on November 6 until late March every year. During the season, the area gets busy, hosting numerous visitors seeking Kyotango’s Taiza crab or Maizuru’s Maizuru crab.

It is also highly recommended to try Japanese sake here. Kyotango City is said to be the birthplace of rice cultivation in Japan. Legend has it that sake brewing started here to make offerings to Ise Jingu Shrine. Today, there are 12 sake breweries and each one makes distinctive sake in their way. It will be fun to check some out and find your favorite one.

Our recommendation: “Ine Mankai,” a sake created by Mukai Sake Brewery established in 1754. This red-hued sake is produced using an ancient strain of red rice and has well- balanced levels of acidity and sweetness and which is reminiscent of fruit wine. *Please note that “Ine Mankai” may be out of stock depending on the time of year.

Mukai Sake Brewery

Address 67 Hirata, Ine Town, Yosa County, Kyoto
Business hours 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00
Regular holiday Thursdays, New year holidays
URL https://www.kyotobythesea.com/mukai

Mental and physical purifying experience in Onsen

This area is also known as an onsen (hot springs) resort with a long history. Kyotango City, in particular, is home to around 40 hot spring sources, which is the greatest number in Kyoto Prefecture. These thermal springs offer you a variety of mineral properties of water. Several facilities accept not only staying guests but also day-time visitors for bathing. Soaking in a bath while gazing out at fine views of the sea and mountains is sure to refresh you and bring a turn of good luck to you, too! Our recommendation: Kumihama Onsen Yumotokan, one of the largest onsen facilities in the northern Kinki district. Its bath has 100% free-flowing water from the source and can accommodate about 100 people at the same time.

Kumihama Onsen Yumotokan

Address 1106-4 Hirata, Kumihama-cho, Kyotango City, Kyoto
Business hours 9:00 – 22:00
Regular holiday open 365 days
URL https://www.kumihama-spa.com/

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The information herein is as of December 2022
I was born in Kagoshima Prefecture and have lived in different parts of Kyushu. A lover of food, sake, and hot springs in Kyushu, my goal is to become a “Sen-nin” (hot spring master), the highest rank for those who accomplish the “Tour of the Eighty-eight Hot Springs in Kyushu.” I hope to convey the fascinating aspects of Japan while featuring my beloved homeland Kyushu!

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