Toba Onsen-go The Seven Hot Springs of the Bountiful Seaside Town

Toba Onsen-go

In its entirety, Toba City in Mie Prefecture is located within the boundaries of Ise-Shima National Park and faces the Pacific Ocean. Not only does Toba offer breathtaking ocean views, but it is also known for its pearl production. Perhaps most notable is the “Mikimoto Pearl Island,” which succeeded in the world’s first pearl cultivation. within the city limits, there are seven spas that dot Prefectural Route 128, also known as the “Pearl Road,” connecting Toba and Shima. Collectively known as “Toba Onsen-go,” these seven spots span Toba City’s northernmost Ohama area, the southernmost Osatsu area, and the outlying island of Toshijima. Toba Onsen-go offers six different types of hot springs. They include hydrogen carbonate springs—the “spring of beauty”—that exfoliate and remove impurities to smooth the skin, simple alkaline hot springs, and chloride springs known to help retain body heat and moisture. You can choose from the myriad benefits and go for a soak. Additionally, there are many daytime spas, most of which can be enjoyed for around 1,000-2,000 yen.

Furthermore, Toba is close to famous spots like Ise Jingu and Meoto-iwa (Wedded Rocks), offering the perfect opportunity to purify your body at the hot springs before paying respects at Ise Jingu.

Without a doubt, one of the biggest perks of staying in a seaside town is the fresh seafood cuisine. Toba abounds with tastes representing Mie Prefecture, including Ise-ebi (lobster), abalone, turban shell, and oysters.

Most of the town’s hotels and traditional Japanese inns offer hot springs and outdoor baths with ocean views. Spa-hopping is a great way to enjoy your visit.

Ama, or free-diving woman divers, have been vital to the communities in Toba and Shima since ancient times. They dive into the ocean to collect the area’s famous oysters and clams.

Not only can you enjoy the usual marine activities, but you can also go boat fishing with fishermen, make accessories out of seashells, and more!

Discover pearl shops located within walking distance from Toba Station. You’ll find a wide array of pearls, from freshwater pearls for everyday wear to luxury pearls.

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The Toba Aquarium, located just a 10-minute walk from JR/Kintetsu Toba Station, is the only aquarium in Japan home to the dugong that inspired mermaid mythology. You can also meet the beloved sea otters known for their adorable antics!

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Access Tokyo Station → 1 hr 40 min by shinkansen bullet train → Nagoya → 1 hr 30 min by JR/Kintetsu limited express → Toba Chubu Centrair International Airport → 45 min by Tsu Airport Line (boat) → 15 min by bus →Tsu Sta. → 45 min JR/Kintetsu limited express → Toba

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