The Instagrammable bookstore Chienamiki at Tsuruga Station in Fukui

The bullet train line known as the Hokuriku Shinkansen currently connects Tokyo to Kanazawa Station and will be extended to Tsuruga Station in Fukui Prefecture in the spring of 2024. Pretty soon, we’ll be able to go all the way from Tokyo to Fukui easily, without changing trains. Also, for those coming from Kyoto or Osaka, the Hokuriku Shinkansen will be much closer. Though still under construction as of spring 2023, the new Shinkansen station looks like it will be the tallest in Japan at about 37 m high. Amid ongoing changes at Tsuruga Station to prepare for the highly anticipated new bullet train operations, a new hotspot “Chienamiki” has appeared.

Tsuruga Station is also a base for anyone traveling from the Kansai to Hokuriku regions on the Kansai-Hokuriku Area Pass. Make the most of the time between trains by checking out this fascinating place!

Where is Chienamiki?

Amid the buildup to the opening of the Shinkansen at Tsuruga Station, the multi-use complex TSURUGA POLT SQUARE “otta” opened in September 2022 directly connected to the station. Chienamiki occupies one part of this facility.

Tsuruga Station otta

A hotel joins restaurants, shops, child-care facilities, and more around a central park with a spacious grass lawn in the center of otta. It was a beautiful day when I visited and children were playing on the lawn. This kind of large, beautiful grassy area is an enviable feature rarely found in front of stations.

Tsuruga Station otta lawn square

What kind of place is Chienamiki?

Chienamiki was designed as a center for education and human development in otta. More than a bookstore, more than a library, the concept was a space to offer a new kind of intellectual experience. Choose from among more than 30,000 books and either buy one, read it right there, or enjoy it in the space for study and discussion. Climb upstairs for a view of the maze-like bookshelves in the shape of a tree on the 1st floor!


This intricate arrangement of bookshelves was designed in hopes that people might enjoy chance encounters with new books. The many chairs and sofas in the store make it easy to flip through the pages of anything that catches your eye.

There is also a children’s play area, so it’s a nice place for parents to take a break while waiting to change trains.


Chienamiki 1F
Chienamiki 2F
Chienamiki 2F reading space
Access 1-minute walk from JR Tsuruga Station(inside otta)
Business hours 10:00-20:00
Regular holiday Wednesdays

Nakamichi Genzo Tea Shop at Chienamiki

Take a seat wherever you like, surrounded by books, and find a moment of serenity with a beverage at the attached cafe Nakamichi Genzo Tea Shop.

Nakamichi Genzo Tea Shop at Chienamiki

Not only beverages, but sweets like tea soft cream and parfaits are also here!

Rich tea milk from Nakamichi Genzo Tea Shop
Chienamiki’s cafe space
Chienamiki’s cafe space

Directly connected to the station, this stylish place is ideal to have a nice time even while waiting for your train. As the Shinkansen extension opens up Tsuruga to more people, keep an eye on this dynamic area in the future.

Address 10:00-20:00(Café L.O. 19:00)
Access 1-minute walk from JR Tsuruga Station(inside otta)
Regular holiday Wednesdays

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