Resort Places with Magnificent Views in Japan

There are many attractive resort places in Japan. Whether you want to refresh yourself in the great outdoors, or relax on the beach or in an onsen, away from your daily life, a wealth of excitement awaits you in places all over Japan.

Karuizawa (Nagano Prefecture)

A famous summer retreat and cottage area, Karuizawa is a highland resort with a pleasant breeze and the comforting murmur of flowing rivers. Another attractive aspect of Karuizawa is that the area has many unique shops and restaurants.

Harunire Terrace in Karuizawa Hoshino Area

A small town was created among about 100 wild Harunire (Japanese elm) trees. A total of 16 shops, restaurants, and cafes stand along the clear stream. Walk in sunlight through leafy areas, and take the time to search for your favorite shop.

Access 20 min. by bus from Karuizawa Station

<Hands-on activity> Sawaya Jam Factory

Sawaya’s jams are popular because they are made with fresh seasonal domestically-grown fruit and are low in sugar. Its jam factory offers a jam-making class, where various kinds of seasonal fruit are used, including apricots and apples.

Access A pickup and drop-off service is available to and from Karuizawa Station. *A reservation is required.


A sky terrace with a gorgeous panoramic view of Northern Alps (the Hida Mountains) from an altitude of 1,289 meters. The cafe at the terrace, “THE CITY BAKERY,” offers various dishes, such as sandwiches with local ingredients.

A gorgeous view in winter!

Gigantic swing “Yoo-Hoo! SWING” makes you feel like you are about to dive into the gorgeous view.



Although a “beach resort on the mountain” may sound strange, the relaxing space with hammocks and beach chairs is basically a beach resort in style. From an altitude of 1,400 meters, you can get a panoramic view of Yatsugatake and Mount Asama, which are as far as 100 km away.

Try a rare gondola-shaped sauna!



How about having a glamping experience offered by Snow Peak, an outdoor product manufacturer? In a private space, which is limited to eight groups per day, you can fully enjoy the grand nature of Hakuba.

The tent is spacious and comfortable!



The view of the hill, entirely covered with purple lavender plants like a carpet from late June to early August, is simply overwhelming. At the expansive farm, visitors can also see many other different types of pleasing-to-the-eye flowers.

A variety of food and drink is available, including lavender soft-serve ice cream!


Access 7 min. on foot from Lavender-Farm Station on the JR Furano Line (this station is open only during the lavender season) / 25 min. on foot from Naka-Furano Station

Ningle Terrace

This small village in the forest was created by So Kuramoto, a famous screenwriter who is best known for the drama “Kita no Kuni Kara.” Along the walking path, there are 15 triangular-roofed log houses, each selling unique nature-themed crafts that feature Furano.

Access 10 min. by car from JR Furano Station

Nasu Animal Kingdom

This zoo rears as many as 150 kinds of animals, including rare manul cats and sand cats. You can get close-up with the animals during petting and feeding sessions. Performance shows are offered every day, where you can see the physical abilities of animals closely—not to be misssed! You can also observe animals indoors, so you can have a fun time regardless of the weather.

Access About 70 min. by complimentary shuttle bus from Nasushiobara Station *A reservation is required (until 17:00 on the previous day)

Nasu Ropeway

This ropeway runs from the base to the top of Mt. Chausu-dake, and takes about 4 minutes. In October, you can enjoy—in a relaxing atmosphere—the gorgeous view of colorful autumn foliage from above.


<Hands-on activity> Nasu Stained Glass Museum

At one of the largest antique stained glass museums in Japan, you can make your own stained glass. Various classes are offered, including one that is about 30 minutes in duration. Feel free to join!

Access About 20 min. by taxi from JR Kuroiso Station

Habushiura Coast

One of Niijima’s famous surfing spots. The beautiful contrast between the white building that is referred to as the “Main Gate” and the blue ocean brings additional excitement to your extraordinary experience on this island.

It is recommended to rent a bicycle to go around the island!


<Hands-on activity> Niijima Glass Art Center

“Niijima Glass” is beautiful light olive green-colored glass, which is made by melting a unique kind of volcanic stone that is only available on the island. This center offers a hands-on glassblowing class.


Kaichu-doro causeway and the islands

This road connects four islands, and starts from Yokatsu Peninsula in Uruma City, located in the middle part of Okinawa. Driving while gazing at the emerald-blue ocean on both sides is an amazing feeling.

“Henza Island,” a tranquil island that is connected to the main island.

“Hamahiga Island,” an island of Gods, filled with spiritual sites.

“Miyagi Island,” offering a great panoramic view of the ocean from Kafu Banta (Happy Cliff).

“Ikei Island,” with its landmark bright red bridge.


Kaichu-doro causeway

Hoshino Resorts Banta Cafe

One of the biggest cafes of Japan is now open in the middle part of Okinawa. You can choose one of four areas with different tastes to spend your time in a way that suits your fancy.

There are lots to choose from the colorful menu with a tropical flavor!



Beautiful roses of various colors are in bloom, and various kinds of herbs are grown in 12 themed gardens. This garden has many places to see, including a cafe at an elevated spot that has a panoramic view of Sagami Bay, as well as a souvenir shop and workshop.

Access 15 min. by bus from Atami Station

MOA Museum of Art

This is an art museum with an ocean view, where you can enjoy various art works, including Japanese art. After taking a lengthy escalator from the entrance, you can immediately dive into the world of art.

Access 7 min. by bus from Atami Station


Just 30 minutes by ship from Atami Port, this casually-accessible isolated island will add more excitement to your resort experience. The warm, clear ocean has colorful fish and is also popular as a diving and snorkeling destination.

A small island that you can go around in about one hour.


PICA Hatsushima

Relax in a hammock surrounded by sub-tropical trees and flowers, and you can quickly feel an extraordinary exotic atmosphere of a tropical place. This resort place is fully equipped with air conditioning, offering a comfortable place throughout the year. You can enjoy fun activities, where you can be very active, as well as bathhouses using mineral rich water from the sea.


Lake Okutama

Fresh green leaves in summer and colorful leaves in autumn are reflected on the surface of the water, creating a beautiful shimmering effect. Don’t forget to try the floating bridge, which allows you to walk across the lake.

Lake Okutama
Kazuma Canyon
Hatonosu Canyon


Kamogawa Sea World

This large-scale aquarium rears and exhibits more than 11,000 creatures of various kinds. Powerful performances by huge killer whales and dolphins in stadiums facing the Pacific Ocean are popular events among visitors.

Access 10 min. by complimentary courtesy bus from JR Awa-Kamogawa Station

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