SMALL WORLDS TOKYO: an active miniature theme park!

SMALL WORLDS TOKYO, one of the world’s biggest indoor miniature theme parks, is scheduled to open on June 11 in Ariake!

This is another world where miniatures are “living.” Once you are through the entrance tunnel, you become a giant, peeping into a small world where little people and vehicles are coming and going. Cars are running, airplanes are taking off and touching down, and a rocket is about to launch, which all look very real. You will be really impressed by Japan’s sophisticated skills and cutting-edge technology!

Let’s explore this unseen world for its appealing aspects!


01 Kansai International Airport Area

The airport terminals and aprons look just like real.

The scene with airplanes taking-off and landing irregularly with realistic special effects makes you feel like you are really at the airport.

02 Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Area

If you are a fan of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series, you will surely be very excited once you are in this area!

In the area, the streetscape from the volumes 1 to 4 of the manga series “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” based on the Azabu-juban area in the 1990s as well as “Crystal Tokyo,” the futuristic world of this series.

Look for Usagi Tsukino and Luna!

©Naoko Takeuchi
“Crystal Tokyo,” the futuristic city of the 30th Century

03 Evangelion: Cage Area

In the Evangelion Cage area, you can enjoy watching how Eva Unit-01 is launched out of one of the cages.


04 Evangelion: Tokyo-III Area

This is Tokyo-3 area located directly below the NERV headquarters. At a scale of 1/80, the world in the series is elaborately recreated!

When you start hearing sirens, the cars in the city evacuate one after the other and the city starts to transform!

Upon attacks of Angels, the city is stored underground and the future world with cutting-edge disaster control appears. An experience to feel as if you are in the story is only available here!


05 Global Village Area

This is an original fictional world of SMALL WORLDS TOKYO, with the taste of European countries and Hong Kong. This area allows you to enjoy an imaginary trip around the world!

06 Space Center Area

Dream forward to the space world!

This area consists of 2 areas, including the area derived from the NASA space center of the 1970s and the area based on the image of a future space center in Asia. See how amazing it is to watch the launch of a rocket closely!

α Would you like to live here? You can!

Take a 360-degree image of yourself with the 3D scanner located at the entrance of SMALL WORLDS TOKYO, you can “live” in the miniature world for one year as a 1/80-scale figure of yourself!

While looking at the city and the people, you can see the dramas unfolding and wonder how their stories will end. You will forget your busy daily life. Try it yourself!

Editor’s Note:
SMALL WORLDS TOKYO is reportedly making a miniature model of Shurijo Castle in Okinawa, which was badly damaged by fire in October 2019! The model is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year and will be transferred to SMALL WORLDS OKINAWA, which will open in 2021.

Address Ariake Butsuryu Center, 1-3-33 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Access 3 min. on foot from Ariake-tennis-no-mori Sta. (Yurikamome) / 9 min. on foot from Kokusai-tenjijo Sta. (Rinkai Line)

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